Where in the World is Piggy?



Where you at?


Seconded…Piggie…I am glad for your internet break though that’s great!!


Oh is that what she’s doing? Neat!


dunno…just assuming…yikes that’s a big assumption. never mind!


Lol. Tried to look at her old comments for clues. Too lazy to read every comment though. I was hoping there’d be a blue paw print on the actual comment that had her whereabouts. #bluesclues Hope she’s ok though.


vaguely remember ?? maybe supernokturnal alluding to her going away for a while


yes she’s mentioned in the Astro-chart thread that she’ll be away for a few weeks…


@piggie I miss you!! You better be off breaking ground for that artist’s retreat because any other excuse for your prolonged absense isn’t going to cut it…jk but I hope everything’s been good! :kissing_heart:


Hey guys… I’m so sorry i disappeared like that… And i am also really sorry i haven’t replied to anyone yet… I will get around to it… eventually… I dunno when… But i feel reallly guilty… And that’s the reason i’ve stayed away so long… Cause i know i don’t have the energy to think and form actual sentences to reply… Just haven’t been in a good place… And i’m still kinda drowning internally… I will be back when i can be back though… And i do read the posts on the forum now and then…

I REALLY miss all of you!!



You don’t have to reply, I just wanted to say hello :grin:.


Hey @JaMisa

It’s nice to see new members :smile:


Yeah! But I…

How do I…

I’m actually Jumpman :grinning:.

But I mind as well be a new member! I come and go a lot anyway :smiley:.


Haha you changed your name and your display picture… so as good as new… I strangely did wonder if you were jumpman because of that emoji and the way you worded that though :stuck_out_tongue:


And now I see you did say so in the Avatar thread :stuck_out_tongue:

How are you jumpman? Why did you go AWOL and why the new identity? :wink:


<3 u!
back later


Love you too lunar (:


Nice to here from you @piggie! Lol. There was definitely a noticeable effect on the Maze when you disappeared. Lol. You don’t owe anyone an apology, reply, or anything else so don’t feel guilty…and don’t feel guilty for letting everybody’s love for you feed your ego either. Lol. But I’ll be sure to stop talking about the fact that Trumps an Entj cause I know it sends you into a heavy place… but FYI he’s Entj. Jk. The point is I’ve missed you. :blush:


I was binge watching shark tank the other day.
and guy Kevin is like so prototypical ESTP asshole businessman. And he reminded me of Donald Trump so much.


@piggie i might be able to make the artist retreat thing happen in maybe five years or so.
i can help you get out of your dreadful job and be able to do what you want!

right now I’m constructing a business that may link to the artist retreat idea, and I already finished making the product. I just need to build a website and start launching it. soon!

and I’m protecting that this is gonna help me make enough money in the future to buy land and stuff for this resort.

so, just letting you know I’m working towards that goal because I think it’s super awesome and I’m gonna try to make it happen.

I’m so serious about this. so. Just hold tight!

i knew you’d be back! I knew you were around. I felt your energy hahaha


Lol. I was joking in as far as… I stopped caring what Trump was. Lol. I just remember talking about that a lot with piggy all those (years?) ago. Haha