Which functions trigger your happiness?


of course there are many way to describe happiness.
but let’s just go with the general idea of it.

how does your function play out in feeling happy?

for me, my Se,
food, food definitely makes me happy.
sex, a good satisfying sex with satisfying orgasm makes me happy.
sleep, sometimes a good midday nap makes me feel happy
exercise, doing some exercise makes me, elevate my mood.

Ti, gathering information makes me happy
learning about new things makes me happy

Fe. meeting new people and talking to them makes me happy.
interacting with people and bringing everyone together in a discussion is fun

Ni, a deep conversation makes me happy. it makes a life more meaningful when this is happening.

so to put that all together.

having a deep conversation over a delicious dinner with good intelligent person/people and just chatting about things makes me feel like life is worth living.

how about you?

oh, to add.

id - Te
winning in difficult video games makes me happy.
reaching a goal I set for myself in short period of times makes me happy.
making a lot of money when I’m broke makes me happy.


What do you mean by ‘Happy’?
Type: INFJ
Welling being and Meaning: Ni
Sense of Pride & Accomplishment: Fe
Euphoria & Guilty Pleasures: Ti
Rest, Relief, & Lazy Self-indulgence: Se


Specific Experiences W/Each Type:
Ni: Sitting on my porch, smoking a pipe, and a having a vision for my future career that was so clear and complete, didn’t matter if I was having a bad day, nothing mattered as long as I knew it would be over and my vision was attainable.

Fe: Using my interpersonal/negotiating skills LIKE A BOSS, nailing that interview, and getting the job position I wanted - so easy.

Ti: Doing Mescaline with my INTP friend and contemplating life, the universe, and women. Laughing and giggling with glee at our insights, while being struck with indescribable euphoria at the awareness of a new level of “horniness” being reached when his sister comes outside to join us in her bikini - BOSS.

Se: While feeling like a tired and petrified wimp after a long work week, and allowing myself to self-indulge by lazily slouching on a couch, eating chips, and watching the news in a mindless stupor.


Exactly what I was doing as I was reading this, chips replaced with a bowl of cereal. Almost creepy. Lol.

I also enjoy Ti-ing with my intp friend… who also introduced me to multiple hallucinates. Haha


Wow that is creepy. INFJ much?

Lol. And yeah, that’s what I love about INTPs. They’re kinda naughty. They kinda bring out my “naughty” side but in such a detached and philosophical manner. :smile_cat: Lol, good times.


Thinking about death makes me happy!

What function is that? N-something?



I’m sitting on the porch swing, watching sunset colors play on low-strung clouds. Kids swoop home on bicycles as the day’s last words dip below the horizon. A flash of fireflies undermines the shadows; sparks dance under rustling leaves. A mellow wind gives me breath, and I drift upstairs into peaceful sleep.


Happiness is the absence of unhappiness for me. Mostly I’m happy.

Sometimes I lose happiness because of

  1. Getting in trouble for something from the past, or being worried I will. Inferior si?
  2. Realizing I didn’t realize that person was sick of talking to me until they spelled it out, ending conversation quickly and never making friends/getting their name or number or whatever people do who make friends. Auxiliary Fe? Overestimating my read on social?
  3. Sucking at physical stuff around dudes who think that matters, then ruminating on how meaningless life must be if people think sports matters, then feeling like an asshole and an intellectual elitist, but mostly, yeah, sports can’t be the meaningful thing holding all these friendships together can it? 8th function Se?
  4. Worse still: winning an athletic contest. I hate winning especially when the other person obviously wanted to win and now I have to figure out how to act cuz they are bummed. Evidence I’m an intp?

Other than that I’m happy.
Lol maybe not.


So like - winning an air-hockey game at a football party after someone walks away from a conversation you were carrying about a research paper and after you got a text from your wife that she found out you left the toilet seat up…would be really bad, huh?


I think “playing” with all my functions makes me happy. But I guess it goes from order of cominance to lower.
So I love playing with Ni, making predictions and digging around existential and murky stuff. I also love playing with Te and getting things done. This is more ego-boost happiness. Accomplishment is ego-satisfying. Playing around with Fi, screaming emotions or role-playing other emotional states is just really interesting and curiousity satiating. Playing with Se: kick things, climb things, throw stuff, beat things up, eat things up! Simple joys!
So very similar to @pla.xitore13’s breakdown.

Though my base state is like… annoyance at existing in a phsyical world filled with dumb stuff, I very often trigger my happiness factors to keep the peace lol.


I am not sure that my dominant function Fi brings me any joy…
It seems upside down.

Se and Te bring me joy because they are the 2 functions that restore any order to my life. But they are hard to use.

Ne “feels” good but I always need sensing and thinking to function in life. Otherwise I float away. My new favorite function is Se. Because I have so much shame around floatiness from a lifetime of floating.


Nail on the head


What does shame from a lifetime of (OK my phone will not let me dictate this word, it has come up with loneliness and Sluttiness But the term is FLOATINESS Awesome it works to spell it out )feel like?


Feels a bit like not contributing to anything. Just being. Time passing pointlessly. Like right now I am just learning about Jennifer Lawrence. It consumes time. Helps nobody. In the end I’ll probably be where I was in the beginning. That is really floaty. No convergence to anything of any use. :slight_smile: Feeling useless.


Ni—Communing with nature. Being with the universe. Watching the moon and clouds, the halo. Talking to the hummingbird, or the sentinels [trees], touching leaves. Swimming naked. How to describe why this isn’t Se. It is, and yet more, ever, always, again and again through the expanse of sentience, the feel of my foot on the rock across the stream, everyone’s foot feeling how bare feet cling. How we survive, how we thrive. The water caressing my hips, flowing between my legs, being a part of, being soul energy that recognizes itself in every form for monumental moments, heady moments. Nothing in between that makes me different than the tree, the cougar, the cliff. Rivers make me very happy.

Epiphanies make me happy! Struggling, flailing, walking, looking for the birds I can hear and then the unfolding like a firecracker, the seeing, understanding and and you can roll around in this little knowing gleefully, examining the sensual aftermath, the encouragement, the relief. The erupting grin for everything that is.

Fe— Writing, lilting strokes of our silliness, our goodliness and godliness and failures.
When I know I have touched somebody deeply, just by smiling and seeing them. When someone touches me this way. When words are not necessary, or aren’t enough.
When the right words that came to me weeks or days ago fall into place or some quip lands square and everyone laughs, that sweet moment before I suddenly am completely self conscious. Watching my children express themselves via art or singing. Listening to my son sing in the shower was priceless! Feeling the power in my daughters voice. Eating up other people’s Fe-ing. Poetry, movies, art, tenderness, love.

Ti—Discovering, sorting, feeding my brain. It is exhilarating to know. I want to understand. Puzzling MBTI until I am so overdone I can’t remember what an ESTJ is. Just drawing a blank, my brain freeing itself from the onslaught. What is Ti? Time to Netflix and gather emotions for later placement. Finding logic holes in movies or my writing. Reading for days straight. Never being able to satiate my questing brain. Discerning and appreciating quality, skill and effort.

Se— Birds, butterflies, in fact everything! Eating good pizza, or dark chocolate, putting together my lego mini figures. Rain, being cozy in my comfy computer chair, drinking tea, headphones on, feeling music, looking out my big window at the sky, the trees…
I want to learn to kayak.
Hiking, realizing I am stronger than I thought. Putting little plants from the nursery into bigger pots or the ground and watching them grow. Giving dogs treats. Giving cats bear hugs.
Being bitten on the neck and fucked into exhaustion.

Ne—Listening to an ENTP, INTP or INFP. Those sleepless nights an idea comes to me that I Ti to pieces and then don’t ever do.

Fi—Seeing fecking karmic justice in action. Is that Fi?

Te—A good kick in the butt from an ENTJ. Jolt of remonstrance, flushing, refreshing me.

Si— Looking at pictures I’ve taken of happy times. Everyone else’s pictures. Remembering the feeling of procreating. Using a toothpick diligently.


This! Finally, an Si-type behaviour I can relate to.