Which Would you give up first? Sight, Hearing, Touch


Remind me of your MBTI if you respond.

I’m an ENTP. I’d give up sight. I’d give up sight for like ten grand.


Does touch go both ways? Can I not feel myself being touched or touch others and have them not feel me? Can I pick things up and just not feel it?


ESTP right here.

i used to think about this when i was younger,

there would be so much benefit to losing sight. my life would be simpler and i would be less greedy.

i can’t ‘pick’ my favorite color and i’d judge people completely based on my logic. not by sight.

but now, i’d rather give up my hearing.
i don’t really care to listen to music and i hate loud noises in a crowded place.

i can still read and see my beautiful wife. i need to see her facial expression while i’m having sex.

i want to be able to wake up from my dream and know that i’m awake.

if i don’t have any sight, i don’t know when i’m awake or asleep. it’ll confuse the shit out of me.

there are subtitles, and my wife took sign language for college so i can just learn from her.

yeah. i’ll just give up hearing.

but i probably have said sight if i was younger because i had greedy heart with no money to satisfy it.


Huh. Hard to pick, but when trying to decide thought of what would keep best communication with my sis…maybe hearing has to stay. Vision and touch tough one. Because she is so verbal, maybe vision can go. Horrible prospect. Sis is into touch… hugs, holding hands etc.


I don’t suppose touch means I can’t feel physical pain… cause that could be handy.


don’t forget orgasm!



Bye, hearing.
Got things to see, messes to make. Don’t need no distraction of annoying voices and tinnitus. lol Beautiful silence~ You can close eyes or refrain from touch, but escaping the noise of the world is much harder. If I wanted, I could probably get to “reading/hearing” vibrations through touch like Beethoven learned to?
Most of my socializing is online and purely through text anyway.



Give up FIRST. Assuming I will lose all of them at some point. I guess that’s true anyways…

I would answer this differently if you asked it differently.

First, I would prefer to lose my hearing. Then, I suppose touch. And finally, like the curtain at the end of the show, my vision.

If I could choose one sense I could live without, if I had to, out of these three, it would be sight. I cannot imagine not hearing a symphony and if I could not touch/feel I would not feel “here”.

I took a speech class with a blind man. He said, “I was blind when I had my vision.”. I took that to heart.


INFJ. This is an impossible choice.
Unless by losing touch I could turn renegade, join the dark side and take care of a few things.
Not entirely, but I have to be.
I need to be patient. Really fucking patient.
Remember why I am here.
Fucking things up is always so bloody, smelly, perverted.

I’d best not lose touch. And if I lose hearing, I’ll go mad and lose touch.
Sight. This would make me so sad. But maybe then I could cry. Make some progress. Not be constantly distracted. But then I would likely be trapped in my head, which is likely most of my problem…
But If I used touch as I would have to, then what?

Or maybe I am mad already, because I can hear.
And only dance in my head. Mostly.


Hearing for similar reasons. It’d still be a terrible loss as I love music so much. But I also suffer from tinnitus, so would gain relief from the constant high-pitched whining.

I am such a visual person anyway that I suspect I “hear” via lip reading much of the time already. And there’s always sign language, which is so elegant and expressive. I was watching a couple of guys use sign language in London Victoria Station a couple of days ago and found it very beautiful to observe.



Am gonna close my eyes and listen to my kids’ voices:)


I just had this conversation with an old infp friend at my high school reunion a while ago…I told her I’d give up hearing first, hands down…it’s harder for me to decide between hearing and touch for the second thing to lose…

Oh I’m enfj by the way! And I forgot to finish this thought initially but my infp friend likes classical music and music in general to give up hearing first so she said sight :smiley_cat: