White House Family Circus and Political Predictions :D



Bannon is INTJ probably so as soon as he gains visible concrete power so the public is more aware, he will get ousted. lol (Probably by Ivanka, who I will assume is ENTJ and will want Bannon to do HER things. Her husband, Jared, is already being pushed to become leader/main president as Trump wants to shirk work).

I didn’t get to watch Bannon’s documentaries, but watched through some deconstruction video.
Anyway, I think his end goal is to showcase that humanity can’t be saved in full, most need to be wiped out, and his next doc/dream vision is probably going to be some spaceship white utopia thing (he has invested in bunkers and survivalist things and the like). So anyway, I hope his spaceship blows up with him in it. B)

I am gonna find out one day that he is a trekkie and a weeb and laugh and laugh.

Is this all on topic or does Bannon and his apocalyptic feverdream need a separate thread? lol

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I can’t figure out if he is like “let’s bring it crashing down, it will be a sheer delight to watch and partake in”… (sinister!)
or if he is like “if it must crash, let’s influence a bit the way it crashes and soften the blow”…
or “let’s do a superherculean effort to keep it from crashing down”…
or “let’s just use all this bullshit” to gain power and it’s just a vehicle that relies on thinking of people as tools

I had forgotten about his Biosphere 2 phase.


He thinks “it’s necessary!!! I WILL CREATE SOMETHING BETTER TO MY VISION FROM CLEAN SLATE!!” cue horrendously stupid idea. I mean, from his point of view, he probably thinks it’s logical, but he’ll be in MY way, so his idea is moronic.

I am sure he does not want to soften blows (ISFJ?), or keep it from crashing (ISTJ?), or just delight (ENTP), or just gain power (ENTJ). hahah


So guess use anything as a vehicle to a new order.
Work with inflammatory people because it’s like igniting little fires.
And apparently there are people out there who just wanna be screaming all the time, it’s like their thing…so people will scream for him. There is that one guy that always looks about ready to have aneurysm( I forgot his name).


Spicer? Hahah… Or do you mean Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh?

Yeah, he will try his best to use people for his means, including Trump. Ivanka seems like she is a bit protective of her dad though, so if she thinks Bannon has legitimately overstepped in a way that hurts Trump (or her), I’m sure she will do-something-about-it ™.

My friend believe Ivanka herself will try to run next. She is pretty and can brand herself as outsider + Trump DNA + “liberal/progressive”, so it may easy for her to just rise in power. My friend doesn’t think she’s really an honorable person though, and is possibly not above destroying people/minorities/oppressed either as long as she gains. It’s just that she and Bannon may butt heads when it comes to apocalyptic dreams (where is money in this if world is destroyed??), and if they do, Bannon will lose.


Alex Jones!!! That’s the guy! I don’t know how he came to be. How does someone end up like that, I am so confused:)
I’m sure Ivanka knows there really isn’t that much reason for her to you know have an office in the white house besides family ties. She seems soo comfortable with it. But yeah I don’t know. She seems very organized and stuff like that…executive skills. And does those photo shoots that say "I don’t really have the same problems as most working mothers…"
But I guess it would be fake to pretend she has the same problems…actually she probably has a lot of the same problems…just more resources but really motherhood is motherhood.
It’s more like “unrealistic photo”. Cuz I dunno any of you mothers ever look like this at work?


My first thought was that photo belongs in the Joy Zone, 'cos it’s so staged and photoshopped that it’s hilarious. But once I stopped giggling, it hit me that this is the image of impossible perfection that’s dangled in front of modern women every day. Then my giggles turned to shivers of horror instead… :scream:

Maybe we need a new thread called “The Nightmare Zone” to dump examples of modern-day abominations such as this deceptively pleasant image, which I hereby name: “Return of The Stepford Wives”? And a new category called “The Dark Side” (or some such) to place it in, 'cos “Purgatory” isn’t nowhere near evil enough for this type of crap!


Yeah, unattainable bullshit. Image over the actual. Your whole post is much appreciated.


And she has publicly said how tough it is and what a mess it is to have kids and work, so sharing this on twitter now that she is advocating for maternity leave is a bit huh you just notice it. Your comment put me in the joy zone:)


Bannon got off the security council.


I know. I know lunar! AHHAHA

That is part of his POWER STUGGLE with Ivanka and Kushner!!


Jared and Ivanka generally have a more moderate-liberal leaning image, and they will perhaps try to use their influence on the white house and admin (and Trump) to save their own social and public image, hence the pushback against Bannon, who is too extreme. Plus… world cleansing or whatever he wants is probably bad for business. I don’t really think they are “good” people, but at least they are not… overt cartoon villainy like Bannon’s troupe seem to be.


The White House/Trump is also being sued by Twitter because they are trying to pry user information on “anti-Trump” people from Twitter, making their hit-list of political adversaries. How nice and fascist.

But of course… Both Wendy and I assumed that was what would happen because Trump is raised on the teet of twitter anyhow.

Please make Bannon spaceship dreams also true.
–so it can blow up.


@Prax You got this prediction down…that Ivanka would be the one to influence Bannon’s ousting. Things are never 100% reported accurately. But there’s definitely enough dots to lead to that connection.

There are lots of flaws in the political system… but I have to say, I never realized how effective certain parts of the US governing system are and how it prevents a man like Bannon from bringing crazy into fruition (Muslim Ban, use of intimidation for health care reform, the Russia uncovering, etc.) I’d say intuition would be what brought about this type of abstract structure into government? For example, why majority approval (citizen or representative) alone should not determine law.

Is this what you meant when you said the following on another feed?:

If not what did you mean by this?


Beareaucracy and the whole system we created as humans and as participants in a dterministic yet chaotic universe is a mess of moving parts and in the end, the human brain cannot contain everything but through intuition as like a shortcut summation. It then feels like truths are “revealed” to us through divinity, but I think it’s often more emergent intuition, kind of like how individual notes get recognized as an overall “song”. We have the power to recognize certain melodies from chaos in that way (some more than others, but we all have some access).

I think the US government was indeed made with " checks and balances" in mind to somehow work out to prevent infection and destruction. We intuitively know empires fall if they cannot correct themselves with competing factors, but it’s hard to see how it eventually comes together or even works until it … does. But who knows… things can break too. My feeling is things will eventually settle to a reverse swing when Trump is forcibly removed, but I think others expect something else altogether and believe annother (intuitive?) will take up the opportunity to sell their vision and lead to something else.

I am a bit cynical that any massive greatness will happen. We all as humans kind of blunder around…

I mean, the recent missile launch to Syria and sabre rattling around North Korea seems to be leading to escalation points with the Trump admin. Trump himself is hyper-reactive and generally has the power to declare war or operations without congressional approval first. I think no one believe world war 3 will happen but… I think Trump being taken out is the only way it won’t and every INTJish player (Bannon, IC, Hillary, maybeeeee Kusher ? idk what he is really, and me) seems to be angling to tear him apart (whether he is “innocent” or not. to intj it not matter haha what matters is he is being a problem).

I lost my train of thought and this post is disorganized but I may come back to it later to spruce it up lol.


Here’s a new palace intrigue favourite due to Trump’s leaking highly classified info in meeting with Russians because he was trying to brag:


What.The. Fuck. Lol


Some administration officials who supported Trump during the campaign said they were appalled at his apparent divulging of U.S. secrets, and considered it a break from his “America First” campaign mantra.

“With news like this I’m beginning to wonder why Trump ran in the first place and if he really cares about the country,” said a senior Trump appointee involved in counter-ISIS policymaking. “I miss candidate Trump. Now he’s just a pathetic mess.”

“I doubt he did it to collude [with the Russians]. I think he’s dumb and doesn’t know the difference,” a former FBI official who worked aspects of the Russia investigation told The Daily Beast. “He thinks he’s arranging some business deal except that he’s not.”
When asked if they could use info in way that harms the U.S., this official said, “of course.”

The Russians, the source added, “like [Trump’s] mental instability and stupidity. They don’t like his unpredictability.”

This is like… super entertaining. But scary. Like that intel he leaked about… those intelligence agents are possibly dead by now. The allies/sources for intel will probably not give the US any critical info for the time being. But it makes you wonder how much more crazy can be contained in the crucible that is this white house before it explodes.


Trump is Killing climate deal! Pussy grabbies! Russia! Ignorant tweets! Interfered with an investigation against himself. No big deal. I predict Trump will not be impeached till after 2019(if that). For these reasons:

-The White House spins every story. Wether it’s believable or not, it provides plausible legal deniability. Even if something is brought to court it still takes time for proceedings to play out.
-84% Republican approval ratings. All the other polling doesn’t mean shit to a president (that doesn’t want to be president.) The rust belt wants a recking ball to the system and some republicans are convinced in their perceived veiw of intelligence in Trump*.
-Because of Trumps high approval rating with Republicans, elected republican politicians are hesitant to speak out against Trump in fear of loosing their jobs by getting voted out. Mid term elections are in 2018
-Fake news. Trump created a negative framework around the media. It makes it easier to twist the truth. Russia has also juxtaposed false news within the media to empower this framework of fake news. (A fair amount of this has been intercepted and identified though) It’s like Trump and Russia… are working together…lol
-Nationalism over globalism. The dismantling of global issues won’t bother “us.”

2 exceptions are:
-Trump resigns
-Russian collusion is proven not only with campaign and White House staffers…but Trump himself.
-He’s assassinated

If democrats don’t win back the house and senate in 2018, and Trump succeeds in a fair amount of economic goals, I think Trump can make it through all 4 years unless the above mentioned exceptions take place…with the inclusion of a settled possible court case that would be able to play out within those 4 years. But also the democrats don’t seem to be making any changes to their economic policies. They just keep claiming moral victories which don’t mean winning. They seem to forget that they didn’t just loose the presidency…but the house and senate too!

*Dumb entj or advanced estj?


Of course he did. He hates Obama that much. This black man making funs of this elite white man. Unconscionable! Anythin Obama has done or bolstered, Trump with the backing of the hypocritical GOP will reverse just on principal, including destroying alliances, regulations, or even repaired international relations (e.g. Cuba).

Trump fits ESTP type in how much he wants to ‘win’ (Te-id power games but mental jumpiness and word saladings/empty words), but my pet theory is for him to be an cocaine-or-mental-illness-fuelled unhinged ESTJ. '-'
There is zero way he is an ENTJ in my heart. lol

My own prediction is if Trump is not impeached or assassinated or steps down from complete mental breakdown/health issues, he will help catalyze a massive war in the Asian theatre due to sheer recklessness and egoistic bravado, which will probably be the next World War (China, North and South Korea, and Japan will become involved with a bunch of the neighbouring smaller countries being roped in, which will definitely pull western alliances in).

I think many INFJs believe Trump will not be removed through any means as the people in power (and the deluded masses) will continue to uphold him and what he stands for (their “winning” ). I think that would be an unfortunate social reality, since I am saying the systematic reality will be mass death/societal breakdown.


Hmm what type would flatly deny science…

Weak Ni?

It is confusing.