Based on my birth chart, what type could I possibly be? I’ve studied astrology for years, but interpretations are welcomed. Guesses, anyone?


Based purely upon your chart, the emphasis on Fire (Intuition) and Water (Feeling) immediately narrows it down to one of the four NF types. Because both the Ascendant and Sun are in Fire signs, the dominant function is most likely Intuition, which further narrows your type down to INFJ or ENFP.


The Moon in Scorpio is a powerful indicator that your Id function is Fi, which gives your type as INFJ. This is further supported by the Ascendant being in Leo (Ni) and with no personal planets close to the Ascendant we’re looking at an introverted type, so INFJ is more strongly indicated than ENFP. Mars in Cancer and Mercury in the extraverted part of Pisces provide the secondary access to Fe as an auxiliary function.

The Aries Sun, however, emphasises Ne over Ni, which gives a slant towards INFP. But probably not strong enough to do more than amend the INFJ temperament a little, adding a little more extroversion and access to the Ne function than the average INFJ type.


Thank you Stewart, for taking the time to look at my chart and provide me with a detailed, thoughtful answer. I really appreciate that!

I am definitely an introvert, for sure. No doubts there. I have felt for a long time that I am, in fact an INFJ. Blake’s version, of course. The Scorpio Moon kind. Rotten. But, I seem to have some kind of weird aversion to really typing myself as that, simply because most people who are into Myers Briggs, type themselves as INFJ. Wrongly so, a great deal of them, I think. If everybody else is one or wants to be one, I just can’t be a part of that. :imp:

Thank you again, Stewart!


Any type. Your astrological birth chart does not determine your Myers-Briggs type. If you want my opinion on your type, consider scheduling a personality typing session with me. Check my consulting services on Stellar Maze main site for more details.

That being said, you strike me as an NF type of some sort. I see no reason why you couldn’t be an INFJ based on this comment you recently made on Stellar Maze.

However, a person’s voice can tell me their type in a minute or so. I can decide between INFJ vs. INFP vs. ENFJ in about a minute or so usually of hearing a person’s voice and (involuntary) way of using it. And those are by far the three types I talk to the most in consultation. NF types sans ENFP basically. So, statistically speaking, you probaly one of those three if you’re on this site and digging it.

I’d guess you as an INFJ based on what you have expressed so far. Runner up: enneatype 3 ENFJ.

Those would be the two types I’d be looking at first.


I like how Blake you can just zone in on the fundamentals. No messing. It’s a reassuring thing, like you know you’re in safe hands. No questioning. Or not much. Do you question yourself much or just leave room for movement? It’s nice whatever. Nice to have someone say ‘this is my base line’ do with it what you will. At least that’s what I get from your comments. Just wanted to say.


Seconded! So much of my current understanding of Jungian type (and its relationship to astrology) is because of @Blake’s clearheaded and “stripped back to the essentials” articles on these topics.


You are more than welcome! And I had meant to follow up my analysis of your chart with some comments around how one’s astrological birthchart has only a secondary influence upon one’s innate MBTI temperament, which I strongly believe to be hardwired at conception.

In your case, if your innate type is INFJ (as seems likely) then your birthchart largely reinforces rather than contradicts the INFJ type functions of Ni-Fe-Ti-Se (plus Fi-Id). This is unusual, as there is usually some degree of conflict between the chart (which has a large randomness factor due to being based on birthtime) and one’s innate type. And, in hindsight, that may be why you feel like this:

One of Blake’s more telling articles about INFJs is about our deep fear of being stereotyped or coming across as a cliche. In your case this fear may be further heightened by your astrological makeup.


Forgive me. I didn’t intend for my original question to come off as though I thought/believed one’s birth chart determined one’s type. I suppose if that were the case, (if all it took was looking at an individual’s birth chart) determining types would be easy. I was already aware, in a general sense, of the astrological connections in Myers Briggs; the Fire signs representing “Intuition”, Water signs: "Feeling, etc. I’ve been obsessed with astrology for years and Myers Briggs in more recent years. I had long suspected/felt the connections between the two. The connection was confirmed for me when I read Relating by Liz Greene (one of my favorite authors) or maybe in The Astrology of Fate. Then discovering this site a few years ago was exciting as hell. I did/do feel that I have a very INFJ birth chart vibe. It’s pretty easy to see, even at first glance. I was just curious to know if or how the aspects between planets, planets in houses, etc. would affect/change the vibe, as there are always so many variables.

Thank you Blake for replying and offering your services. Though it’s a very intriguing and appealing offer, I know I would be too self conscious. I would feel awkward as hell. (E3) ENFJ is a very interesting possibility.

Thank you again, Stewart. I do deeply fear being a cliche or blindly following the herd mentality/belonging to the herd. I have a very deep fear of being like everyone else.

Just want to say thank you both! I greatly appreciate the input.


I had the same reservations about typing myself as INFJ - not to start with but like you after reading all the online chat surrounding the type it just confused things.

INFP started to feel like it might be a better fit but then I just twisted myself into knots trying to settle on something and eventually consulted with Blake who was able to pin me down so to speak within a minute or two, like he says, and graciously humoured me and my nonsense chat for the remaining consultation. A bit embarrassing at the ease of which he did that but hey.

Yup but if you’re prepared to know it’ll be uncomfortable then it’s ok. I had to wait for the stars to align and conditions to be right before I felt I’d be able to go there but go there I did and well worth it.

I also wondered if my Astro chart affected how my ‘true’ type might be seen - like how do you know I’m not an INFP in INFJ clothing? Blake also was able to put all that into context and layer it up.


I just realized I replied to my own original post the other day, as opposed to your’s or Blake’s (very helpful) comments.

Thank you for everything, Stewart! It really was extremely helpful and revealing. I really do appreciate it!


I’ve had a few more thoughts about your birth chart which you might find interesting. I’ll share these when I’ve a little spare time (very busy week at work!).


Oh, okay! That sounds interesting! Thanks! And there’s no rush on that, by the way. I completely understand.