Who are your muses? Heroes?


Who are your muses? Who are your heroes? Who inspires you? I’m thinking peeps like artists, scientists, teachers, family members, and/or the UPS guy. Don’t think too hard. This is just for fun. Make sure to say why!


Here’s a list of real people that I find inspiring:

Type experts (both living and dead!):

Carl Jung
Dario Nardi
Jane Kise
Sue Blair
Linda Berens
Isabel Briggs Myers & Katharine Briggs
John Beebe
And of course, @Blake!


Nobody specific at the moment. But every time I see someone manage to live a meaningful for them life, that really impresses me. It does look like something always gives, but some people manage to make it look worthwhile.


I don’t have one. Isn’t that sad?? :sweat:


Growing up, my muses were Salvador Dali and Frank Zappa. Because they were prolific, bold, and weird. They just got to work and they did their thing. Strong.

These days I feel stronger than I used to and now am inspired by subtler people. Chris Marker, especially his work in Sans Soleil inspires me to try to write thoughtfully about anything. Chris Ware, same reason, but also his gifted typographic and illustration skills are inspiring. And Cormac McCarthy. The poetry in those sentences, good lord. I don’t like the violence, though. It unsettles me pretty deeply. So he’s an uneasy muse.

I wish I had a lady muse. It’s always been dudes.



he shut those haters(religious leaders) up and embarrassed them.

one arrogant rich boy in humble facade was destroyed by Jesus’s one statement.

he was sleeping on the boat when everyone was freaking out. Chillin. and then calmed the ocean cuz his disciples were bitching.

crazy physical endurance.

he had the best answers for ‘intelligent scholars’ at that time
shut them up.

when people came to kill him. he said “you looking for me? I’m here.” and those people got scared cuz he was so bold. BOSS.

he asked Thomas how were they gonna feed thousands of people with what they got. Thomas did the math. and Jesus did the miracle. he basically said “watch this. I’m the math”

he made a whip and scared the shit out of all the business schemers in the temple.

he talked to a strange woman he wasn’t supposed to be talking to according to the culture in that time. and read her mind. she freaked out in joy and told everyone about him.
(business skills 101)

jealous snakes were trying to grab him but they couldn’t. he was too strong and fast. “get off of me you little cunts. I’ll die when my father tells me. not now suckers”

and then he got tortured and endured all the pain. he still cared for his birth mom while he was hung up on that wooden stake. “John, take care of your mother(my mom)”

excuse my language (for sensitive religious people) . But that’s just how I see it.

and many more examples.

calm, charismatic, true masculine.
why wouldn’t I look up to him.

stop drawing skimpy long haired man petting sheep.


Kahli Gibran. Because The Prophet is just wow.

Chris Avellone. Because Planescape Torment.

Beethoven (Ode to Joy), Pachabel (Canon in D) and Bach (Air on a G string). I don’t really like classical music per se, but damn, those pieces are divine.

Christopher Tin - Babe Yetu and Sogno Di Volare. Probably the best damn video game music I’ve heard. Especially fitting for a video game such as Civilization covering the span of human history.

Hans Zimmer. Every time you thought he couldn’t do better he surpasses his past achievements. For example, the Interstellar soundtrack perfectly captures the spirit of the vastness and alien emptiness of a landscape that defies human comprehension.

Teresa Teng - Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu. So far, nobody I’ve heard comes close to matching her voice.

The composers who composed the Soviet Union Anthem and the Israel national anthem.

Wittgenstein, cos he actually put his philosophical ideas into practice in his life during WW1, unlike most other philosophers out there.

Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi. You gotta read them at least once in your life.

Alexander the Great. Lets face it, even though he raped, pillaged, murdered etc his achievements still rank amongst the greats of history. No wonder Caesar wept when he saw his statue.


What! How is that possible? No one inspires you? You don’t look up to anyone?


Good list! I gotta check out Wittgenstein.


Not really…I admire people in a kind of detached way…I don’t have anyone I look up to as a muse or role model per say :sweat_smile:


I should probably respond to the questions I pose in my own thread(s). For some reason this didn’t occur to me until just now. Coffee does wonders for my brain. :smiling_imp:

Off the top of my head this morning:

Anyone who has that obsessive, intense focus to create stop-motion animations/digital 3D overlays as seen in pieces like Kubo and the Two Strings. I have an INFP friend who does stuff like this (extremely talented) and it truly amazes me. I’ve done stop-motion work before (for fun!) and I think it’s an incredible art form, but like I said…it’s obsessive work. I will only enjoy it from afar. :grin:

Martin Luther King, Jr has the words I need to hear to keep me going in my darkest hours. He has the ability to lift me up. I really feel he is an INFJ or at least an INFJ whisperer (like Blake).

Daft Punk’s legendary Alive 2007 tour (if I could go back in time, IT WOULD BE TO EXPERIENCE THIS SHIT). It changed music/me forever. Such a clear and concise vision.

And finally, anyone who risks the illusion of comfort and safety for something they believe in.


This is epic!!! Kiss me!!!


It’s epic and it’s true and I believe it with all my heart! :kissing_heart::heart::heart::heart: They are the heroes of this world!