Who here is into videogames!


Who here has pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch! This girl has!! :DDDD
Who else is excited Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild scored an Edge 10 or knows what that means?

This forum is full of nerds. I expect a bunch of you to be anime-watching, manga/comics-reading, videogame-playing folks who are too shy about your hobbies to say much… what folly!

Anyway, I have a long history with videogames even though I am not very much a player these days (I tend to just read about them more and the industry in general on forums now… haha… ). My first system with my brother was the Turbo Graphix 16 (my cousin had a NES then Genesis, so I guess we skipped that for this winner… lol). My favourite co-op game with him being Chew-Man Fu! (This was my fanart lol)

Then came the SNES and my brother and I really got into RPGs and started becoming Nintendo fans in general, (Gameboys, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, DSs, Wii, Wii U, etc. – Also bought PS2 and have gaming-capable computers that we continually upgrade every couple of so years) A lot of money!! Did I mention… I don’t even play games that much anymore?? I just happen to keep buying them anyway. It’s a problem. I figure one day I’ll be able to relax on a month+ vacation and try to catch up on some of this stuff.

I am a lone gamer unless it’s local co-op with my sibs, so I don’t get involved in any games that require online cooperation or subscriptions. And nothing that requires too many reflexes (no to FPSs, most racers, action games). I enjoy my turn-based or slower-paced strategy type of games like jRPGS, cRPGs, Civilization (when it was still viable… EA really screwed up badly lol)
My husband, much more an active gamer, likes all the stuff I am not that into, like puzzlers, FPSs, cinematic adventure games… much more an Xbox and Playstation kind of guy.

My favourite videogame series, by the way, is Fire Emblem. They are trying to have a stint in the mobile/phone realm, which I am adverse to, but if you want to try a simplified cute version of the game, you can download it free to play…

So what about you guys? What games are you into if any? Or was all this a foreign language to you? lol


BTW, the Switch comes out in a few days (though mine probably won’t be delivered until a week later… thanks, Amazon), so if you are somehow missing my delightful presence, it is because I am playing videogame or reading game forums. lol


Foreign language:)

TETRIS is all I know and I do love that game. Very relaxing.


Not even Facebook or mobile games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds? Haha!

I feel like a lot of INFP types would also like the plethora of hilarious visual novel experiences available on mobile too (they are like those make-your-own-adventure novels, but more artwork and more interactive–a lot of them are adventures that lead to romantic hookups though, of course).


I have preordered Breath of the Wild but the WiiU version :expressionless: I have plans for summer and need savings!

But I am a Nintendo freak too. My first was DS when I was nine, my first communion present! And then, Wii. Since then I’ve played every single Zelda. Now I don’t play games a lot. Perhaps once a year, and some indie games that are usually few hours, to help a friend with his youtube channel.

Zelda however keeps exciting me, I was an active user of a Zelda forum for years. Keep many friends from there.

I tried 3DS Fire Emblem and I loved it, but I sucked at it because I kept using bad characters because I liked the design. F vs T over here! I usually like JRPGs, like Final Fantasy VI, but sometimes it’s annoying how bad written they are :sweat:


I think I would like that stuff. Adventures.

Right now if I got into that I would cease to function I think:) The days feel already like “just get through this day”. One at a time. <-----kids haha. I read a book last night and those are my little treasure moments of peace at the end of the day. Often I don’t even manage reading 20 minutes. But it is what feels best. Or sometimes I go into the bathroom and just turn the lights off and just sit there haha.


Oh yeah, FF6 was one of my favourites that made me get into RPGs in the first place! Or made me a Squaresoft fan at least… but then… … BETRAYALS! (Nintendo-Sony split and all that haha). Also I couldn’t get into a lot of their later more “pretty” games from FF7 onwards. Maybe I just felt like all the tall characters were less likeable.

I haven’t played many of the handheld Zeldas, but I love playing the console ones with my brother, taking turns and adding our own voiceacting. But I guess BOTW will stop that tradition now…
Yeah, a lot of JRPGS are awful story-wise, but I usually enjoyed character banter even if it relied on tropes a lot of the time (the whole Tales of… franchise for instance).

Did you get to play on baby mode? Haha… should just play on easy/casual with resurrections if you just want to enjoy the “story” and hooking all the characters up.
I am actually very annoyed with the direction of the Fire Emblem series because I did not want to deal with waifu wars and self-insert stuff, but it has catapulted the series into fortune and viability so… can I really complain (especially it it will lead to remakes of my favourite older games in the series?). I feel like a wistful old person about that.

Hahah… one day you will have time to decompress more and just enjoy escaping yourself! How long do you sit in sensory deprivation for? Sounds like you need a spa day or vacation already.


5 minutes?
Take what I can get


Go on strike, Lunar. Throw kids to nannies and play some videogames!

One day when I am a mother, them kids better be able to keep themselves entertained so I can keep myself entertained too. lol


Don’t get me started with FF7. I blame it for many of the problems the world is having! Fire Emblem had a decent story, but my pride wouldn’t allow me to play on baby mode! Hahaha. Which one do you recommend? I might follow your advice next time.

And if you love a saga it can be hard to accept the decisions taken these last years to adapt “hardcore” games to new markets. Same with Zelda (that Aonuma dude seems to be utterly dumb sometimes, like he did a train-themed Zelda because hey, his son likes trains! Must be the only kid in the world who does, sure. Stupid kids). That’s the reason I’m not very excited for the excellent reviews BotW is getting, because the same thing happened with Skyward Sword and even though I like it I don’t think it deserves those reviews in any way. I prefer to keep the bar low.

And @lunar , I like children but things like this make me think…I shouldn’t even start thinking of having kids! Like, I need a LOT of time to myself. I admire you mothers. Who knows, maybe when they grow up the will drag you into videogames…I did that to my mother, she’s a Zelda freak too nowadays!


Don’t admire! And don’t forget the dads.
Parenting is an imperfect MESS. You do what you can. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have only played Zelda and Mario a bit when my kids were much younger, and mostly to be a pal. I do liky Zelda best of what I have seen and buy merchandise for my gamers. I have three gamers, two of which are INTP’s and we will be getting the switch soon. Zelda helped teach them to read. My oldest got our first Zelda/nintendo setup when he was six, a hand me down from a friend’s dad. I had no idea what that would come to mean in our lives.
Mostly I only get frustrated when they are mid-game and cant quit to come eat because they are online and would get degraded for leaving others in the lurch. Mostly I am okay with it because I get my time too, to read or write.
I cannot remember the names of the online games and most of what you said was G®eek to me.
Honestly I dont even know how to work the television let alone set up a game.
When I was a kid (13+)I played pacman, and a couple others but was not skilled and arcades just ate the small handful of coin I had on me really fast. I preferred to spend my monies on candy or Ice cream. My sister got a computer in 1981? And we played a centipede like game.
That is pretty much the extent of it.


When I was little I played Nintendo (Mario brothers) with a girl. She was very funny because she would do the moves with her body. Like she would push the buttons for jumping and swing her leg up at the same time.


Although I have played “first-person shoot-em up type” games in the past, these days I prefer the same type of solo videogames as you, @Prax.

This too, @lml

The games that I’ve enjoyed the most over the last few years have been the Neverwinter Nights series of D&D-based fantasy rpgs. The first Neverwinter Nights series was revolutionary in its day, but the sequel has far better graphics, character options and interface and interesting AI companions (I don’t do online gaming either, as its plagued by spotty power-gaming kids with serious hacking skills who pop up out of nowhere and incinerate you with a hakpak laser gun in like 2 microseconds). Unfortunately, there’s not been much in the way of D&D-based RPGs in recent years, since Wizards of the Coast went and destroyed the complex 3rd edition mechanics with the horrible 4th edition (which has now been scrapped as most old-time gamers hated it…)

It’s funny, but I’ve recently been lamenting to myself that I’ve not had time to play at all in the last year or so…


Oh yeah! Neverwinter Nights 2 was one of my favourites!
Hahhaha… I wanted to get into DnD but so lazy for actual interaction… but I actually bought a lot of 4e books… maybe like 200 bucks worth only to find out how much everyone hated 4e and wanted to abandon it quickly anyway!!! lol

Maybe you should check out the Kickstarters for Torment: Tides of Numenara and Pillars of Eternity! I kickstarted both because I too was craving isometric crpgs but I haven’t even touched them… Same with Dragon Age Inquisiton. SIGHS

Yeah, I regularly turn down family members when they want me to multiplay games like Lineage, WoW, LoL, etc. I don’t even care if it’s just with them against bots… I am really not into co-op online play, especially if it seems like endless or storyless grind hahah.
But maybe therte are others who wouldn’t mind as much. I still have my bsingleplayer backlog to get through too. :frowning:


Most of it, yes!!! lol!

I used to play a lot of stuff when I was younger. My sister and I had a Sega Genesis!!! Oh yes, bitches!! Then we had this thing with the Sega, I don’t know what it was - but every month, we would get a new download of games. It was super fun! I remember Earthworm Jim, Sonic, and there was this one…I can’t remember the name but your character was a horsie. Yes, horsie. Not horse. And you could customize your horsie to be any color with any color hair. The purpose of the game was to save your horsie brethren from the awful witch. So fun. We got a Nintendo 64 after that. I remember playing Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Pokemon games, Pokemon Snap!!! Does anyone remember these games. I haven’t looked through the comments yet. I will now.

My sister has continued her passion for gamin. She’s in IT so she’s in the loop with all of that stuff. She used to play WOW. She showed me this one game, it was like a zombie thing. TOO SCARY for me. lol


Erika, you mean Crystal’s Pony Tale, right? That was my very first video game, haha. I think I played that game like a zillion times.

I like JRPGs. I like playing alone, and I like games to have a focus on stories and characters. Playing with other people sounds like too much of a hassle and I don’t like to feel I have some kind of social obligation to people. A few of my friends are really into Overwatch right now, so I’m always hearing about it but it doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I have a good friend who loves the Mass Effect series. @lml, didn’t you have a Liara icon before (or something)? I’ve never played it because the graphics don’t appeal to me, but I’m considering getting Andromeda…but I need to finish The Last Guardian and Night in the Woods first.

I actually don’t play games as often as I’d like to. Too busy. And when I do start a game I get so obsessed it becomes a huge time sink so I usually only play one or two a year. The last thing I’ve been playing that I’ve really enjoyed has been Final Fantasy XV.


OMG!!! You’re right!!


Yesss! PARTY AT THE PONY CASTLE! :rainbow::racehorse:


How 'bout Flicky?!?!?!!?!