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Love it! I’m relieved to hear that I’m not the only one who has an extremely loose relationship with this weird thing called “time”…

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Hey, this place is outside space and time anyway, so no worries for taking your time. I honour the process. :slight_smile:

I probably said this before, but trying to describe my father or our relationship is a very frustrating exercise. Obviously, we couldn’t be more different (INFP-ESTP opposites) and this has resulted in constant miscommunication and frustration on both sides. I was about to say that I didn’t know what his lack of Fi looked like, but I just remembered all those times as a kid when he would try to supress my feelings. Wanna guess my reaction to that? Even more feelings, bwahaha! :smiling_imp:

So there was this constant arguing and at some point we started to enjoy it. Maybe it was his way of bullying me to toughen up and I’ve finally earned his respect when I learned to do that? There is something similar about us, I just don’t quite know what exactly. We respect each other from a distance and I appreciate the fact that I don’t need to feel guilty about not calling home too often, ha. Interaction has become effortless once I’ve learned to let go of the damn need for connection and just let it be. I also think he’s displaying more Ti/Ni when it’s just the two of us and I really enjoy that. Strangely, the adorable ghost child comes across in a very annoying flavour (to me, at least). More ESFJ than ENFJ, but I guess my home country’s culture is very ESFJ. Unhealthy ESFJ.

I think I get what you mean when thinking of other ESTPs, though. There was this guy that I used to work with who would be so smooth, displaying such master level of Fe that in the moment left me almost under the impression of dealing with an ENFJ, but then he’d be gone and I’d feel like a spinning top and needed a few seconds to realise what had just happened and why was it that I had this sort of bad taste and a creeping sense of fake that I couldn’t get rid of? :grinning:

It’s very interesting that you feel like that with ESTP and I’m sure being able to project that is a great asset in acting. Maybe you do have an ESTP moon, which sounds cool!

I do relate with that quite a lot when it comes to ENFPs, in my case. There are some more introverted ones that I feel are very similar to me and the differences are too blurry for my brain to comprehend. I mean, sure, as you described, we don’t manifest exactly the same, I can see it. But really, deep down, are we really that different when I can read the expression of their thoughts on their face, understand their reactions, know where they come from with a thought and where they’re going with an argument and realise I would have made the same? (had I expressed it, ha!)
I guess subtypes could be a good way of explaining some of these similarities. It truly is fascinating.

Ooh, and also you mentioning Hugh Laurie triggered a chain of revelations about another real-life ESTP that I was having a hard time typing! You see, I had Hugh Laurie as ENTP in my memories from a time when MBTI was something different. And so I went back to have a look at him and of course he’s not ENTP. And there is this intuitive quality that he seems to have that is just like my father. So I guess that’s what you meant with their Ni.

Ooh, I really enjoyed this ramble! This was really entertaining and intriguing and now I have a little continuum of ESTPs to explore!

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I’d not yet read Blake’s permanent post on “MB is astrology” and the discussion in the comments, which makes this thread redundant! I’m glad some interesting bits came of it though.