Whose the Biggest Psychopath of Them All? (And What is a Psychopath Anyway?)


Yeah, it’s a very old world thing. Let’s hope we have a general idea of why people die these days. :crazy_face:


I was thinking about it today, or maybe yesterday, I’m not sure if it had to do with the video of the psychopath girl or what bring me to that. Anyway, here are my two cents. As far as I know psychopathy goes as an spectrum where some antisocial tendencies are shown. The main thing in here is the inhability of empathy, or well, the common way empathy manifest itself. There are some charming psychopaths while there are others that are not. Going up through the spectrum relates more with violent behaviour. So the guy Blake wrote about, he’s sure a psychopath. Most of time murderous people are psychopaths, or at least sociopaths. Some of then had to do with neuronal damage, like problems in the amigdalae that make them hard to actually feel the feelings of others (they can read them but not feel them). So how does it translates to types, I agree ENTJ, ENFJ, ISTP, INTJ, INFJ… and then I’d set ESTP and ENTP close to the end, along with the rest of S types. ESTPs are alot about taking risks but that doesn’t make them a psychopath, or at least it isn’t pathological to them, that’s what I’ve noticed.


I’m not saying that ESTPs or any other type can’t be a psychopath. Also, there are psychopaths who aren’t criminals and not all criminals are psychopaths, but as I read in an statistic, plenty of criminals tend to be psychopaths, also not all of the psychopath criminals are murderers, some of them are rapist and others do frauds, so there’s a lot of diversity for the matter.


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The Socratic-Platonic ideal of the perfect man is pretty much the definition of a psychopath. If we take the definition of a psychopath as someone who rationally acts on their own will while using social conventions to their own advantage.


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