Why Do Convertibles Exist?


Why would someone take the roof off of a perfectly good car?


The better to be seen.


omg are you kidding? have you rode in one?

i just got rid of mine a few months ago, but i loved having it down in a nice cool weather. or hot summer nights.

blasting music, top down. cruising through highway with friends. feeling the breeze and being able to see the night sky.

taking a date by a river or ocean, or on top of the mountain with a nice view, and having a top down gazing the clear sky with chill ambient music. it’s the best!




You get it.



Enjoy your rides. Enjoy the sun, the stars, the high.


So that couples can have public sex in the rain…


For Se


For a sense of freedom.

Not only can you speed down a highway, but you can also feel the wind thrum through your hair. The sun will be beat down on you and you can just gaze up at the sky when the car stops.

It’s exhilarating! Except when your hair gets in your mouth :upside_down:.


Fuck that shit.


Social engineering?


What? Look at the sky while you’re driving :thinking:?


Yessss. Take peeks while driving.
Emojis are funny to me. Did you sit there and contemplate just like that little blob?


Oh yeah! Haha, that is defo the better option.


To get a wind-swept look in your hair on windless days. If you can afford it that is one way.


Mm yes. Knotty.


Ooo that’s hot.


I like how you included the day and night.