Why do people hate country music?


i literally hear 9 out of 10 people say they hate country

conversation goes similar to this

me : what’s your favorite genre of music?
general response : everything but country

why? do you hate country music?


It literally makes me nauseous. No joke. I think it’s that twang sound. I dunno. Haha. I’m laughing. I don’t know why it makes me sick. My mom loves country and hates classical. Now THAT is fucked up.


I like some of it, although only occasional in my listening rotation. Johnny Cash singing hymns is a perfect accompaniment to a rainy day. Raw, roots, blues/bluegrass, and traditional instruments, and even twangy all turn me on. What I don’t like is bland modern polished pop music that calls itself country because of an occasional mention of a good old boy and a truck.


One I don’t like. Had a couple margaritas and went to Kohl’s because the ISTP needed a belt, so he trying to decide which boring, brown guy belt to buy and they’re playing store background music. I shushed him about belts because I thought this dude was singing his ‘bathroom’ song and wanted to hear if he was really saying that. Bathroom song would have been better, come on and give it a flush.


This above I love too, and I don’t consider that country, or not the country I think we are talking about. I love the fiddle! Love, ‘Devil went down to Georgia’, too.

There have been a handful of country songs I have liked for sure, mostly that were funny, but I don’t know their names. Just came upon them on the radio over the years when someone else chose the station.
Oh, yeah, I think that guy that was married to Julia Roberts and sang about tortillas… so not helpful. I’ll have to go look it up.


Lyle Lovett

He had some mainstream success, but some cool, quirky songs. I like this one


I think because country tends to be VERY Si, and very specific Si stuff to boot.
So usually it’s very narrative, an entire story can be told about someone’s life, or maybe they sing about a single day and try to cram in nostalgic details, and added with a kind of predictable round of chorus or tunes. And even if you’re an Si type, it might not match your specific memories/values, so a lot of people won’t find it resonant. But I think country is still very popular, isn’t it? It’s just that the crowd who loves it isn’t very vocal about it? haha

I am pretty picky when it comes to country music. I don’t like most of it.
But I do like the funner and more existential songs. Like Johnny Cage’s “Hurt” makes me all contemplative. Maybe Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” because it’s kind of fun/rebellious. Same with Willie Nelsons “On the Road Again”. Kinda fun. But a lot of other songs are about things/stories I don’t care about, and the structured music at the same time makes it even more “boring” sounding, especially the newer songs. I guess too much pop got mixed in so it’s even more senseless instead of grounded, which would have been its strength.


Yes, this is one of those songs I’d heard!
And yes on Hurt, need to add that to my playlist.
And yes [I think we are all on the same page here] "On the road again’.


One of my favorite songs ever.


It started out as Trent Reznor’s song

Watching the video for Johnny’s version is mandatory, even for those who hate country music.

I like this version of Johnny’s song.


Liked it a lot, great imagery and some narrative too, heart-opening, authentic vibe of something heard sitting around a campfire.


Social Distortion reminded me of Elvis.

This has been pleasing the heck out of me lately.


Oh yeah! I actually forgot which was first!
But now that you mention, I do remember Reznor saying it was like his baby or girlfriend was taken away. Because Cash really made it his in the end.
I really like NiN too in general so this is something I shoulda known haha!

That video of Cash’s was so good first time I saw it, but the version of imagery in my mind it was also really vivid. I’d imagined a man waiting in his grave and a procession of stars coming across the night sky as he waits for death, contemplating the life that he had.

I like the sound of this too. But I am not sure I’d put this in the country genre. This is kinda like… Hmm… more folksy? Like rockabilly/country-punk? lol I guess that’s the flavour they’d lend to any song. Which is cool.


Yeah definitely. See? Talking about country music and still avoiding most of it. Okay. I’ll go look for some actual country country I like aside from what we’ve already agreed on.

Here, this counts, right?

And this one may or may not count but damn, undeniable!

And this of course,


I never used to like Country music much, but my partner grew up with it, as he’s from a small farming community in NZ and his mother was a huge country fan.

I’ve grown to appreciate it more over the years, especially bluegrass. It also blends surprisingly well with house music, in a fun sort of way:


And of course there’s the sublime, but underrated voice of the amazing Dolly Parton:


I wouldn’t call the version of Ring of Fire I posted country, the original version was made popular by Johnny Cash. Elvis is a good mention; he basically was hopped up country. Lots of crossover, a huge genre that sparked a lot of innovation. I feel like it’s sort of stupid to say you hate country music unless you only like classical. I get why people say it though, the mainstream country radio stations songs and singers sound pretty homogenous. Ironic that it’s sunk into a Si infested funk where no one’s getting funky with it. Am really enjoying all the videos on this thread. Anyone have anything new though? It’s multiple genres for me; I end up sifting for old stuff I haven’t heard before because all the new stuff sounds blah- alternative rock seems to losing it’s shine too.


Even yodelling can be cool in the right hands, as ably demonstrated by the hilarious New Cackle Sisters:



They are a homage to the original Cackle Sisters: