Why INFJ, INFP, INTJ, & INTP Types Struggle in Modern Life


Came across this INFJ-written article on the “Personality Junkie” website:

It echoes a lot of Blake’s advice to INFJs, but extends the scope to cover all INXX types.


Oh hey, there you are! Started missing you.

Good for us to remember, that slow and steady indeed has merit.
I tend towards a tailspin when I elaborate on the struggles. I think we all know them well.
Daily I have to remind myself where my focus ought to be and on good days I succeed a bit on this ponderous path.
So thanks for this! Every little bit of encouragement helps.


I’ve been taking a mini-break from the internet as well, by coincidence!


as infp or whatever i find that i just need a room sometimes. nobody in it. like it’s sanity saving. i can’t hear what’s inside when there’s kids or in a relationship. basically being in a relationship means i can’t hear anything. so if life is busy and there is no room of my own anywhere…shit


I love playing spot the inxx throughout my day. If I’m in the mood I’ll even engage with them in awkward telepathic small talk.

Yup! Sometimes I leave work early to get home before my wife and kids get back from school/work. I feel guilty about the fact that I stopped feeling guilty about it. Lol


Take more bathroom breaks! lol
My friend and I converse during work (not really converse seriously… we more play around with ideas and stories) and she says it helps keep her morale up. She can take a break from whatever task she questions why she is doing, and can “play” and this balances it out somehow. I guess this is like using Ne for her. And she likes responding during bathroom breaks so it must be many. hahah


lol we sound like survivors


i recently discovered that at work we have a key to a locked bathroom in addition to unlocked bathrooms. im gonna time out in there, lights off. hopefully no one else is gonna think of it


They will just think you are pooping or doing “woman things” so it will be okay! hahah!
Some quick meditation time or even play time to reorient yourself!

I once was very confused about how anyone “liked” things (you “liked” one of my posts lol) on this forum because I thought Blake disabled it, but it turns out you can’t disable the ability on mobile! So I joked that you bypassed this in a magical INFP way, but it turns out it may just be you on mobile on a toilet doing it–also very magical INFP way.


I was gonna say, dude @lunar, is for shit dropping. Ha


hey @Prax @Ankh

what’s going on in here. it turned all potty

i think if i had my phone while on the toilet next thing it’d be in the toilet, so @Prax picture the likes coming from the living room :slight_smile:


Hey, I sometimes leave work early too, just to get home before my partner for some quiet time. ENTPs are great for INFJs in general, but they have a way of completely taking over the available space.

My partner will typically storm in like a hurricane on speed, throw his stuff around randomly, turn on the TV to some loud news commentary channel, start cooking dinner before even changing out of his work clothes, all while talking up a storm. It’s endearing, but very, very noisy!


How about this idea of being bored after retirement? Pretty sure we’re immune from that.


I cannot wait to retire because I have so many hobbies and a backlog of things to “get to” that are always on hold lol.


I’m hopefully only a few years away from retirement; then my “real life” can start at last. I’ve had to wait a very long time, and I’ve so many stacked-up hobbies and interests to pursue that boredom won’t be a problem for me!


You’re very sweet toward infps.

You used the word magic. I always feel magic coming from intjs themselves actually. For example, I met a female intj (very very superficially) last week. We “noticed” each other, that was it. Then this week I saw her again, and she was all poised with a cool acknowledgment from across the hallway. And what I always wonder is acknowledgement of what. What is so unspoken but there. I love it.

Intj is the only type I experience this with. So it adds another feeling of magic because it’s unique. Female intjs amaze me.


Maybe because I am surrounded by them! So maybe I am just used to them and their idiosyncratic mode of being.

I think INTJ also like to play around with Ne, but often don’t have so much motivation to. And then INFP comes along and has a bunch of Ne that screams to need “editing” or management in some way, which I enjoy doing, I guess?? I pick out which Ne “branch” I want to deal with, anyway. And the F-resonance of trying to be true to ourselves maybe. This might also be why INTJ might gravitate toward ENFP too, but sometimes ENFP are TOO extra energetic (and Fe-id), so INFP are more their pace (this is the case with me. I don’t know many ENFP and the ones I do know drain me too much to enjoy them).

I also sometimes call INFP magic just plain “dums” depending on how ??? it makes me. Sometimes if I’m feeling particularly in the mood to rib them, I will call them “moron adventures”, but it’s all kind of with a sense of endeared amazement. I think INFP sincerity mixed with their fragile connection to reality (in that they sometimes defy it or manage to luck themselves in and out of trouble) makes them really funny too. Sometimes they say the perfect string of nonsensical things that it becomes insightful and profound. I think it is very cool even if it means they struggle a lot with being alive in the modern world.


i like how you always have new ways of saying things.

i’ve missed you on here.


It is me exercising Ne taught to me by mine INFP mentors I bet! How do you like? hahah


My partner is off to Sydney for a training course for a few days. This morning he introduced me to a colleague who was travelling with him - she was a lovely female INFP, and we chatted for about 15 minutes before I left for work. The INFP magic thing put me in a happy mood all day! It is so different to the INFJ intensity and seriousness.