Why we should value Sensing types


Most of the contributors to this forum have an intuitive preference (which is all very nice and all) and that’s undoubtedly a big part of what brought us here in the first place. But do we have a collective blind spot for all things sensing and the types who use it well? Here’s a thought-provoking article attempting to address this issue, written by an INFJ blogger I recently came across. Now I don’t know much about this guy or his writing, but this piece struck me as both well-written and accurate;


Super interesting article!

In regards to S types, I mean SOMEBODY has to be the worker bee! Haha. No, but honestly we can’t just have a shit ton of navel gazers around because nothing would actually get done. Fundamental in any team in my opinion. Like it’s mentioned in the article, I love INFJs to my sweet death, but they are hella overrated in the MBTI community and too glorified. Just my two cents. Anyone is welcome to call me out!

Thanks for sharing @Stewart! :grin:


sensors actually get things done so that helps a lot haha


Just saw an ESTJ acquaintance who is a paramedic. These guys are a pain in corporate roles, but I’d definitely be relieved for him to answer the call for a real emergency. Of course, my financial planner is ISTJ for taxes, retirement planning, kids’ college fund (I play etrade on my own). STPs are naturally good at so many useful skills with that unpredictable edge that keeps them from being totally annoying. ISFP has a groovy, artsy vibe; ESFPs must be fabulous since opposite of me. Someone help me understand why we need SFJs?


Oh man, well, I’m about to give plenty of personal experience, so take it as it is.

I did a small service in my university at the lab of medical science and the second at charge was an ESTP, he was doing some research as his master’s degree thesis. Also, in my last job, the second in charge was an ESTP too, it was in a lab of research and development, he design a device to improve the measure of some qualities of the products. Then there was this teacher too, who I suspect is an ESTP but she could also be an ISTP, she is a monster of research in my university, she publishes plenty of articles, she also works in the chemistry institut doing research. How do they do okay to be at such places, I don’t know, but there must be something good with their reasoning.

Then about ESTJs, they are pretty dedicated to their work. My grandmother is one, she’s a teacher and she was the principal in plenty of schools for so many years. Right now she has almost 80 years and she gives private classes and she’s really good at it. My brother is an ESTJ too and he always grows in his works, he ends up being the boss. They’re a pain in the ass, indeed, but they’re good at what they do.

About SFs I need to give about them a further thought.


Thor is an interesting name.


I appreciate what you have to say. Say it seesta! :kissing_heart:


ISTJs are good value. Good virtuous men and women who are upholders of traditional values and common sense. We need more people like them. I believe my profile picture is of an ISTJ. Long live the ISTJ.


Oh man. I once work with an ISTJ, no… no… it was fun when I took her INTP id out, but when it came to her methods they were surprisingly inefficient, specially when she tried to be efficient, she cared too much about useless details. Also, you know, there is a right way to do things you know, just one right way of doing things, so if someone dares to do things differently then the entropy will increase and society will fall into anarchy, although it’s kind of fun when it happens.


But hey, that’s in a working side, I date once an ISTJ and he was kind of playfull and passionate about history. He even took me to a history museum and he told me plenty of historical anecdotes, a real cool experience, and a real nice guy, really polite and kind.