William S. Burroughs


Hey Blake, this is my first post. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with William S. Burroughs, or any of the Beat poets, but how would you type him? I’ve seen INTP and INTJ mostly…

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Hey Alex!

Welcome to the forum~ The previous thread “Official Typing” is just a wiki for easy citation, so here’s a thread just for your inquiry.

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Also, what do you think Willian S Burroughs is? INTJ? INTP?


INTJ makes sense. I’d second that. Definitely, definitely not an INTP.

And welcome!


Cool, I definitely agree! But why is he definitely not INTP?


Um, INTPs don’t have that monotonic severity that Burroughs has. He comes off as a J type. In particular, Te projective.

INTP is softer, more bubbly and phlegmatic, even if it is trying to come off as intense and anachronistic.

I dunno, it’s just a vibe thing. Burroughs comes off as Ni coming through a straightener. His persona is definitly Te. Straight, unemotional, deliberating.

INTP is not straight. They have that Ne bubbling. It’s a different effect.


Oh, and another person I was curious about… What do you think Keith Haring was? I’m thinking ENFJ.