Your soul albums


Is there an album that, when you listen to it, you feel like you’re hearing yourself?

For me, it’s Beethoven’s 13th string quartet and Joni Mitchell’s Court & Spark and Hejira.


Grace by Jeff Buckley!

The Sibelius Violin Concerto!

Hand. Cannot. Erase. by Steven Wilson!

Blackwater Park by Opeth!

The Raven That Refused to Sing by Steven Wilson!

Second Life Syndrome by Riverside!

Damnation by Opeth!

Dummy by Portishead!

Mezzanine by Massive Attack!

Not sure if I completely hear myself in all of these per se, or if I just really, really like these albums. Though I’m sure each album authentically embodies some part of me deep down.

The first two, however, are most definitely works that completely encompass who I am as a person. I feel as though I could have written them myself (or I wish I could have written them myself). They fully capture and convey the emotionality that I feel within - all of the aspects and deepness of my Fi id. Another way of phrasing it is that my heartstrings fully resonate with the first two works.


Hard for me to choose entire albums!

OMG!!! Angel!!! So beautiful. Dark and sexy. Love this song.

What else…

Chopin is my homeboy. Busta Rhymes when I feel like twerkin’ it. Lana Del Rey when I feel sad and lonely…songs like “Pretty When You Cry”. Led Zeppelin when I feel like singing LOUD. Deadmau5 or Skrillex when I’m drunk. Really it just depends on the mood I’m in. Heavy metal (you know that stuff where you can’t understand a damn word they’re saying) has become calming to me. It doesn’t pump me up. It’s like a calm I seek when I listen to the madness. It’s good practice. I’m deeply affected by music too. Something that just hits me. Uncontrollable. I could be fine one moment and then a blubbering mess the next. SO, yeah. I like everything except country. Ewww. Ha.


Sibelius violin, played by Oistrakh
Bach violin partitas, played by Szerying

None of those feel like hearing myself lol. But they just feel so damm good.

There is one Debussy piece that I can’t remember the name but it does sound like air coming in through a window or something. Amazing.


I love Szeryng too. I always tried to sound like him when I was playing Mozart.

The d minor is my favourite of the six-- you?


Did someone say, “Heavy Metal?”

Strange, heavy metal has become calming to me, too:

Oh yeah, also forgot to mention the Shostakovich Prelude in my original post:


I was literally Szeryng’s biggest fanboy when I was a wee lad.



I mean, thank you for sharing this lovely music, Kevin.

Yes, someone did say, “Heavy Metal”.

Okay two things:
Thing (a): I am going to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra play for the first time in March. (Flipping the fuck out). I am so excited because they are playing my favorite bit in Fantasia - The Rite of Spring.
Thing (b): There is a particular heavy metal song that I remember I like. Maybe you can help me remember. It is German, I think. And it’s about how Jesus was actually the anti-Christ. I tried googling “Jesus metal song” and all I got were some hard-core christian groups. Help me, please.


Haha, no problem gurl! I’m glad you enjoyed the video I shared of the handsome French cellists and their fast, vibrating hands and their romanc–

–I’m getting off topic.

Thing 1:
Rite of Spring is ~wunderbar~

Just make sure you don’t inevitably succumb to the sudden urge to riot after hearing the piece. Or, in other words, don’t be like the shitty audience that rioted after the debut performance of The Rite of Spring.

Thing 2:
Dr. Seuss says that–

–I’m getting off topic again. Sheesh, control yourself, Kevin.

Was it something by Rammstein? There’s nothing more German and metal than Rammstein. Rammstein. Du Hast. Sehnsucht (which is quite explicit when you listen to the lyrics, actually).

Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt?

JA! (nein)


I just played this on my radio show because of your post, Stuart! It was nice getting to know you!

Do you prefer the Große Fuge or the alternate Finale?


Wow, that’s really cool. Thank you! I take a few listens though. :wink:

Definitely the Great Fugue. Whose recording did you play?


I just played what we had here in our classical music library, which is the recording by the Cypress String Quartet. But, I was pleasantly surprised by their playing!

And I definitely will take a few more listens. Music is never fully appreciated on the first listen (unless it’s shitty radio-pop). Shostakovich’s 5th Symphony took me forever to fully appreciate. So did some of Radiohead’s stuff. I actually wrote an essay on this very topic, comparing Radiohead’s Pyramid Song to Shostakovich’s 5th Symphony! Great stuff.


Let it be known, I am not the one making you discontinue your train of thought. I would like to hear more.

Yes, I read about that riot. A young girl dancing herself to death in 1913 is a scary thing. But it was Paris?! Wasn’t Paris ahead of it’s time??? I’m a little surprised. Maybe it just makes more sense with a T-Rex fighting a Stegosaurus.

Radio show, eh? I’m intrigued. You like classical and heavy metal. Is that an odd combo? Tell us the radio station so we can listen in, please.

And don’t worry, you helped. Danke.


I do suppose that Paris was ahead of its time, but I think there’s a limit to how much avant-garde material people can handle at once. Like, for example, people were appalled at Nijinsky’s erotic depiction of the faun in Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun. People in general, I believe, were also very uncomfortable with the idea of female sexuality; stuff that we commonly accept today.

So, perhaps when hearing The Rite of Spring for the first time, their reaction would be much, much more extreme than it would be for you or me. Understanding The Rite of Spring requires an open mind, but it was perhaps overreaching the limits of even the most open-minded of people during its 1913 debut. One is not left with an immediately accessible sense of pleasure and contentment after listening to The Rite of Spring. Its intention is to elicit the grotesque, and perhaps people were not ready for that.

Keep in mind that French people had the compositions of Saint-Saëns, Debussy, Satie, Faure, and Ravel as well-established standards. Stuff that was much more pleasant sounding and wispy and (though I know some of these composers hated this term) impressionistic. So, overall, stuff like Gymnopedie or Arabesque #1 or Le Tombeau de Couperin or Claire de Lune or Pavane, really pleasant sounding stuff (minus Danse Macabre, which also pissed off a lot of French people).

And, Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe premiered in Paris just one year before The Rite of Spring, and that shit is simply beautiful. So, if people were expecting something like Daphnis et Chloe, and instead got something like The Rite of Spring, I can imagine they’d be angry. Like, they would feel like they got fuckin’ bamboozled. They came for pretty-sounding stuff, and instead got Stravinsky. Hah, got 'em!

So like, stuff that’s too much ahead of its time like The Rite Spring would still shock people who are self-proclaimed “lovers of novelty.” There’s a certain pushing of limits that’s acceptable, but pushing the envelope too far will inevitably create outrage. But, after this outrage, the return to baseline is a little bit higher than it was before, setting precedent for even more avant-garde works to emerge, such as Messiaen’s Les Offrandes oubliées (which is great, by the way).

Fuck yes! Heavy/progressive metal, progressive rock, and classical are my faves! I don’t think it’s necessarily an odd combo. I suppose that I just don’t draw distinctions between genres. So, I’m not like, “ew, I won’t give this a try because it’s this genre or that genre.” I give everything a chance, and if I like it, great! If not, no harm no foul.

And I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable telling you guys the radio station, because that would give away my exact identity and location! (I know, I know, it’s just me being all INFJ privacy-conscious and stuff). But, I also don’t want people I actually care about and respect to hear me when I inevitably slip-up on air. Anonymous people tuned into my show? I couldn’t care less. People I respect? Oh, hell no!

Though I could let you guys know what I played for each week’s show, if you’d like.


Nice…You may respect us. But you don’t trust us. :smirk:
So you do the show once a week? Yes, please tell us (me) what you play.


Yup, it’s a weekly 2-hour show!

Here’s my playlist from yesterday:

And here’s one of my previous playlists:

The stuff I play’s mostly going to be classical, because I’m in charge of managing the classical music library here at our station, so it’s expected of me. If I could play more metal, I would!


Awesome! Thank you, @Kevin.K. :blush:


No prob! Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:


I can’t really say as I am bad with music and culture in general. I am a pleb. lol
But the first thing that pops into my mind are Disney soundtracks because I am juvenile young at heart. xD


A Szeryng following I see.