Your soul albums

Thanks for sharing these talented musicians!

Here’s another of their tunes:

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Thank you!

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Made me smile [good works]. Favorite image was all those feet in the mud.

I remain in awe of the talent that lies behind these productions. Not only is there all the editing and producing of the music, but then filming/compiling/editing the accompanying videos. So much work goes into each one and all are then available for everyone to enjoy online absolutely free!

The internet also makes possible the fusion of different musical styles and genres from different nations, that previously would only have been accessible to locals. I’m thoroughly enjoying all these clever mixes incorporating eastern European Folk music and dancing.

And by sheer coincidence, this track was playing on my iPhone playlist while I typed the previous reply. (but I didn’t notice at first thanks to inferior Se…)

Love this toe-tapping number:

Another Hot Sardines cover:

I would so love to see this band live; I wonder if they still do live shows?

Smiling and waving and looking so fine :wave:

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More Hot Sardines cool jazz:

Bowie is one of the all-time greats and sadly missed.

My brother and several close friends are huge Bowie fans, so I had the enormous privilege of joining them to see him live in concert on two occasions in the 80s. I’m so glad I did!

He really is! He’ll go down in history as a legend without a doubt.

It was very shocking when he died. It came out of the damn blue! But fuuuuck, that last album of his was a perfect goodbye. It totally summed up the amazing artist that he was, always pushing the envelope, always wrapping up the consciousness of the world in a delicious, digestible package.

I miss that guy. The world is just not as interesting without him in it. :pensive:

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Today it’s this song

Love this guy, so freaking much…

Something from New Zealand; a haunting number from Harper Finn, son of Tim Finn:

BTW, the Finns came from a small town called Te Awamutu, which just happens to be where my ENTP partner grew up. He says that Neil and Tim Finn even went to the same school.