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Ohhh so lovely. That flute. It was inspired by Mallarme’s The Afternoon of the Faun. So yes…could be construed as grotesque indeed. But, I am me. And I love grotesque. Yes, this one could not be long enough. I was so disappointed when it ended.

Yep, 2015 premier. It was stressful. I was so enthralled with the violinist. Female. She was quoted as saying, she felt like she was playing a very important role. She looked like an actress. Standing before the orchestra, STANDING (the whole time - 50 min), exposed, flowing freely all of the tales of women, strong women, different women, equal women. So beautiful. An older man who was sitting next to my sister and I, said, “I didn’t like that one, felt like I was getting an MRI.” haha.

Listening to Rimsky-Korsakov’s version right now! Thanks!

I am so addicted. I can’t believe how some people can sit there and flip through the program while the music is playing. It’s like, “OMG do you see this? Do you FEEL this???” It was a very ethereal experience for me. I will definitely go again and again and again. Also, included with the price of the ticket was a pre-concert lecture about the pieces…amazing. This flutist, who is also a teacher of music broke shit down. he spoke of Debussy’s intro - “That first note…it leaves you purposefully in a foggy state of mind…drifting…somewhat uncomfortable.” And this lecturer also spoke of what Stravinsky did…he took wonderful chords, themselves sound wonderful, and placed them together to just fuck shit up. He just loved taking something “easy” and complicating it. Sigh…I’m still floating. There is a part in The Rite of Spring (haha a lot of parts are like this)…but it’s like terrifying, and if you separated the chords, you could make lovely children’s songs about butterflies with them, but together…!!!


HEY! I never realized how classical music could be so visually appealing too. Like all the bows moving in the same rhythm and direction and intensity…omg. And the bouncing of the bows on the strings!!! WTF is that!! It was amazing. Okay, I need to calm myself. There were times last night when I thought I was either gonna orgasm or scream out, “FUCK YES” - or both! haha.


I am always amazed by how the good orchestras make this violin sound that is so in unison and intense and rich. I had no idea till I heard the Houston Symphony. I was so used to listening to our local orchestra. The Houston symphony orchestra kept giving me goosebumps.


How fitting for International Women’s Day :raised_hands:

Why would you bring a (sometimes questionable) music review magazine to a classical music concert? :upside_down:

Yes, I hate that so much! I was at a concert the other day with a world-class pianist and orchestra, where the pianist was conducting the orchestra while soloing at the same time, and this lady next to me was scrolling through her phone the entire time. The entire time! I shit you not! At that moment there was no human being on earth more bored! Her husband also had a really bad case of restless leg syndrome. Actually, both of them had pretty bad restless leg syndrome. Another man was sketching the orchestra while they were performing. And you don’t need to be an artist to know that you can’t draw something and be focused on the musical merits of a performance at the same time. I was thinking, “Why the fuck are you even spending money to attend these concerts? Just so you come across as high-culture to your friends?” Then I realized that most people in the world are philistines.

Yes, perfect description. Fuzzy, drifting, wispy, hazy, indistinct, ethereal, mystical. Even somewhat uncanny and unsettling. Definitely not a conventional chord progression or key signature (at least later in the piece).

Oftentimes the visual element is inextricably entwined with the other senses, so yes, the visual component is also very important because it reflects how things sound. For example, a musician with clenched hands and tightened muscles will sound that way. It’s all captured within how the human body works. One can’t be in a flow state if one’s body is tense and uncomfortable. An orchestra’s visual appeal is a good indicator of whether each musician is synchronizing well with other musicians, and if they grasp the “essence” of the piece, as envisioned by the conductor, hence the synchronization of the bows and movements. It also tells you whether different sections are communicating and melding well with each other in producing a cohesive sound.

Fuck yes! It’s a very violent image, isn’t it? :smiling_imp:


oooo clever! Thank you for that breadcrumb :yum:

Yep!!! I sat next to a very in love couple. I think it was early in their relationship. They were really fidgety with their hands. She actually dropped the program…and I picked it up. Why did I do that…sigh. But after that, she was embarrassed and behaved like a good girl.

Something odd, after the intermission and BEFORE The Rite of Spring, half of my row left!!! They were gone!!! How does this happen??? I just don’t get it. Maybe it was because it was my first time…but I was completely captivated. The music could have tempted me to the stage for a public beheading and I would have been cool about it.

Is it weird to you that I have to look up words when you send messages? Haha. I’m cool with it, if you’re cool with it.

Yeah, I could so see living the fancy and cultured life. The Hall is literally across the street from the Art Institute too! But, alas, I am but a simple creature who has other cravings that don’t necessarily fit with perfect posture and a keen eye and ear for such worldly works.

Yessssss and he keeps you there for a little bit. “No, no. No comfort yet. I want you to be lost before I show you the light.”

Oh my goodness…yes…the violinist in the Scheherazade piece was IN to it. She was like an ax maiden focused on her leader, Mr. Maestro. She played with great intensity. And there were times where she looked tired, but still determined. It was just so beautiful.

Don’t even get me started. I don’t know how people couldn’t go home after watching something like that and fuck each other’s brains out. Who needs a rock concert?!?!? Haha.



“Don’t even get me started. I don’t know how people couldn’t go home after watching something like that and fuck each other’s brains out. Who needs a rock concert?!?!? Haha.”

Lol:) I will have to keep this response in mind next time I see an orchestra. You got high on beauty it seems.

Sometimes I enjoy watching how the ladies dress (the guys a bit more boring). If there are solos or opera, you often see really tasteful dressing. Artsy.

Violins, trumpets, just the instruments are beautiful. Then the musicians seem so one with them.

Sometimes I become really aware of this unison of people to the music and other times the music takes place elsewhere somewhere so serene that the people on stage are invisible. Pristine. Meadows etc.


Anytime! :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m always perplexed as to why that happens at classical concerts! The couple sitting next to me also left at the intermission. How does this hApPeN??? Philistines, the lot of them!

Maybe this is a sign I need to tone down my Ti. Down boy, down! Back to the depths of Hell, tertiary temptation!

I see someone’s been donning her flowery language hat, and quite successfully at that (;

I love how this metaphor can be extended not only to the visual component, but also to the concept of sustained dissonance and its subsequent resolution. In other words, not giving the audience what they want until they suffer first, which actually increases their pleasure. “You have to earn your pleasure with pain,” which can also be quite a sexual image :leopard:. Depeche Mode, anyone?

Ax maiden, I love that image. Like a Norse goddess leading her orchestra army in a time-travel spell.

Haha, fucking each other’s brains out? Ouch. And virtuosi like Paganini were actually treated like rock stars during their time, so they were basically the world’s first rock gods. Lisztomania, Beatlemania, what’s the difference? There’s also been no shortage of musicians showing off their technical prowess. Fucking Yngwie is the new Paganini.


Just rediscovered this gem of a hard house mix from my clubbing days. There was a legendary club called Trade in late 90’s London. It started around 4am on a Saturday and went on until Sunday morning! I only made it there a couple of times but it had the best DJs of all time. Although the club was gay, the music attracted a diverse crowd of gays and straights, and they realeased a number of great albums.

The music style eventually went mainstream and its influences can still be heard in todays EDM. Anyway, this mix by DJ Ian M is truly incredible. This is profoundly spiritual and uplifting to me, with its Dionysic, ecstatic fast beats. It is also very erotic!


Still listening to it… but really loved what happened from 16:50 to 25:00… now I wanna dance till I drop… great way to start the weekend :sunglasses:


Went to “father daughter dance” at my 7 year olds school. This song played and me and my kid were the only ones dancing to it… and it was cause she wanted to. :hugs: All my brats are named after Beatles songs/albums…so I kinda brain washed them. At the very least I will keep the 7 year old.


And now for something completely different (but also spiritual and uplifting):


Ohh this made me smile… heart warming… (:

These little moments are what make life so beautiful…

And now I’m guessing your lil ones names :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it is awesome. I wish I could share their names but the internet is not the safest. lol


Yeah, that track “Dreams” is one of my faves too. It’s by Tony De Vit, who was the best DJ at that time IMHO. Sadly he died young in 1998:

Check out some of his other top choons:


Wow… so once upon a time, those genres were limited to gay clubs? That’s so cool… I wonder why though…

And I’m finding the music really interesting… maybe it’s because I don’t generally listen to this genre… or maybe it’s the artist… but I’m enjoying how my mind is randomly zooming in on one beat/melody and relishing the strangeness of it, detached from the music as a whole, then zooming out and taking it all in, before zooming in on another one…


A soulful and uplifting Trance House mix by DJ Judge Jules:


Your tribe is calling you back home!

Grab some paint (or blood) and shake the Earth with your presence!!!


Awesome tribal sounds - very Saturnian/Capricorn heavy beats :notes::capricorn:


And here are some Australian-themed Tribal Beats:


Sweet, thanks! I love 'em. The first two especially. Percussion is sexy. I see whatcha mean by “Australian themed”. …didjeridu…

Don’t you just wanna dance with a bunch of sweaty people, wearing nothing but a loincloth? Taking in the sights, sounds, and SMELLS of nature. Love it. Painting faces…

Or chillin’, smoking a peace pipe. Foretelling destinies through the gods with one puff.

Or riding a mustang bare-balled. Hog-tying a hog for the communal feast.

Yeah…I could do that.

A couple years back, I went to Hawaii. I saw a Luau that just took my breath away. There was this one number they did…it was like a pre-battle “pump up” jam. There was one point were this chick yelled something in Hawaiian to the audience. Wow. And her face. So much passion in a few words. She was mostly communicating with her body movements. But then raising your tone higher…I was totally captivated.

AND I’ve taken a spit dna test and it says I am part Pacific Islander. So, I’ll just translate that into - one of my ancestors was a bad-ass tribal babe, dancing around a roasting, apple-stuffed piggie. So maybe this is where my ENFJ influence comes from? Hula is telling a story with your body. That’s what I’ll tell myself.

Here is another one that I danced to yesterday. OMG, so funny. I danced barefoot on my lunch break (I work from home). We have hardwood floors that show every footprint. My husband came home and was like, “Did you have a party? There’s footprints everywhere!” I laughed soooo damn hard. When I told him I danced, he was like - “All over?” Yes dear, all over.