Your soul albums


One of the awesome things about New Zealand is the strong Maori culture. NZ is the only ex-British colony where the rights of the local tribes were enshrined in law from the very beginning. The 1840 Treaty of Waitangi was signed by all the prominent Maori chiefs on 6 February and is the local equivalent of the US Declaration of Independence.

Makes NZ an Aquarius nation in fact as well as in its ideals.

Things didn’t go so well in later years, when Western immigrants arrived in large numbers, and Maori lost much of their land and rights to the settlers. But the Treaty provided a legal basis for restoration of Maori lands and significant financial compensation in more enlightened times.

As a result, Maori culture and language were revived and are now thriving and integrated into mainstream NZ culture. There’s a way to go still, but Maori did not suffer near extermination like the Native Americans or Australian Aborigines, thanks to that Treaty.

I’m fortunate enough to have many Maori friends. Last year I went to a Maori wedding in a beautiful retreat west of Auckland. We stayed over and had the best time ever, with a feast of incredible food all provided by the Whānau, and I danced the night away. Maori love music, singing and dance above all. Boy do they!


I remembered recently I do kind of have a soul album. which, becAuse it all makes so much immediate sense, I don’t put on all that often. Dresden Dolls. Her lyrics are like dr Seuss on stage. I take this song completely literally: god it’s been a lovely day, everything is going my way, I took out the trash today and I’m on fire.

I picked up the pieces of my broken ego …

If she’d said “broken heart” I’d have been so confused.


I’ve been listening to the Erika and Blake recordings and Blake sounds so much like this guy

And another of his songs


I’d forgotten how awesome The Dresden Dolls are! Here’s another classic song from 2003:


…and one more Dresden dolls song for shits and giggles. Half Jack


You’re right! @Blake does sound like a bluesy black man. Smokin, with a blue spotlight.


Yeah, I could see that. I do love the fuck out of the old school blues dudes (like Mr. Hooker), so…cool.

Personally, I think I sound like a trainwreck on acid!


I love this half jack song a lot. Love the playing with words she does.


anyone a spacemen 3 fan? or spiritualized? jason pierce (aka j. spaceman) is one of my favorite genius/trainwreck human being of all time

this is absurd but amazing if you’re in the mood for chill/meditation music:

something more fun/weird:


Listening to oldies today and this came on and it reminded me of @supernokturnal and his wife.


your nuts! what is this song hahahaha

i’m not this jolly like this man in real life :joy:

well here is my ‘soul album’ since you brought me here.


Omg. Calm down. Listen to the lyrics. It’s cute. You taught her how to cha cha cha!

And I like the music you shared. Very nice.


Adding this here, cuz why not?

Why the flipping fuck have you gone, @Kevin.K? Speak Deutsch to me.


No order + off the top of my head…

Tame Impala, Lonerism
Daft Punk, Alive 2007
Chemical Brothers, Exit Planet Dust
Air, Moon Safari
Plaid, Reachy Prints
Boards of Canada, Music Has The Right To Children
Flying Lotus, You’re Dead!
Aphex Twin, Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Bonobo, Black Sands
The Avalanches, Since I Left You
Panda Bear, Person Pitch
Animal Collective, Painting With
Nightmares on Wax, Carboot Soul
The Beatles, Sgt Peppers
Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow


I used to think it was stuff like this:

But actually its this kinda stuff:


Finally got around to watching “Suicide Squad” last weekend. The movie was fairly meh script-wise, but was saved by some good performances by the actors playing the various dysfunctional Squad members, as well as a killer sound-track:



Scriabin piano music <3

I’ve always liked Kurt Cobain starting with the song everyone has heard 1 million times where he is screaming that he feels stupid and is the worst at what he’s best at and the set looks like it’s about to be smoked, a true “closed in” fire hazard, but then his voice sounds like water so it’s ok. Heart-shaped Box. Like his version of Man who sold the world.etc


I truly believe Cobain was A Main Voice of that generation. What a vision.


Been gettin’ into PJ Harvey these days. Insanely talented. Must be Ni-dominant. Wasn’t sure what she was at first, but now convinced a la Blake’s articles that she must be INTJ. I like how she gives you a piece of her character’s mind, but the thing is, they don’t really come from her personal experiences. Just character visits from the musings of her own mind, methinks. She visits other people’s worlds, then leaves. No stealing involved. No real people actually involved.

I like the albums Is This Desire? (my favorite), Rid of Me, and To Bring You My Love. I like Dry, too. Her more recent albums are a bit meh, but she doesn’t want to try the same thing, so what can I say. She’s still very innovative, but her prime was back in the days in my opinion.

I also like her collaborations with John Parish. Don’t know what type he is. His music sounds INTJ but I don’t know much about him.

Classics by PJ:

(wrong spelling, it’s Angelene)

I really like this one too, more recent though: