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The Dreaming was well ahead of its time and confused the hell out of most contemporary music critics. But I loved it from the very beginning and must have driven my university flatmates to distraction by playing it over and over at full volume!

It’s an extraordinarily complex and deep musical exploration of some very dark and mystical themes, but with a nice sprinkling of Kate’s quirky sense of humour here and there to lighten the mood. And she was still so young when she wrote these songs…

Years later, The Dreaming finally came to be acknowledged as a master(mistress?)piece by one of Britain’s greatest living artists.

Here’s a selection of some of the less well-known songs from The Dreaming, accompanied by some cool videos courtesy of Sky Vibes:

Leave it Open

Night of the Swallow


Get Out Of My House


@stewart Hahah, yes! She’s very visceral. It’s hard to take my eyes off of her! Her collabs are super cool. “Video phone” vs “telephone” lol.

@air, Beach House! Love them, I think I posted the space song not too long ago. Ugh. They’re absolutely heart breaking. You should expand on your thoughts about how Kate Bush is their mother!


On a lighter note, here are some cleverly edited dance mashups of Kate Bush songs by Sky Vibes:


It’s nearly bedtime down under in NZ, so I’ll sign off with the remastered version of Lily from the Director’s Cut collection.

It was only after I started following the Western Mystery Tradition as my spiritual practice that I learned of the magical significance of this song. The part where Kate summons the Four Archangels to form a protective circle of fire around her is taken directly from the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram; a simple but powerfully effective ritual for cleansing the aura and banishing negative energies. I’ve been using this ritual on a daily basis for years, to help manage my innate INFJ sensitivity and for keeping me centred and positive.


I love the way Beyoncé moves. So confident. What a powerhouse. Pow, right in the kissa!


Found this song the other day and was pleasantly surprised by this artist’s image.

And of course, some Lana for your cup.


Hey! I think both Kate Bush and Beach House have an unassuming sound, but once I enter their worlds it forces my own world to expand. Their sounds are expansive and downright filled with magic. I’m sure you could say this with a lot of art in general, but with their sound it’s different. It’s somehow spacey and primordial and minimal and maximal and psychedelic at once.

I also try not to think too hard about things in this world that reach to the core of who I am; instead I just feel them for what they are, which is something that is a part of me and a part of the things.



:bowing_woman:t3: sempai~


You guys like Muse? Sometimes I forget about them, but I really like them. Here is my favorite song of theirs.


Just bought tickets to see Beach House! How weird is that?


@Ankh Muse is awesome! Or at least their older stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

@air dope! I saw them live once, it was brilliant.

This may be my favorite song of all time.


Say waaaa? Yeah, really, in all honesty, tbh, to confess, for realz, if you really wanna know, to be transparent, Horus as my whiteness, I really just appreciate their lyrics. The musical part of Muse is meh, but the lyrics connect to me.

That kinda original blues makes me wanna take a nap on a hammock. I need an iced lenonade from a child’s lemonade stand. Ahhhh.

Here. Chew on this you soulful lyrical beast, you. :kissing:


These are both wonderful - you have excellent musical tastes, @Ankh!

Yaeji is really something - I’m going to enjoy searching for her other material after work.


You and I should probably have a dance party. Just sayin’. :notes:


Hidden amongst all the fluff and silly cat videos on youtube are a number of incredibly talented musicians whose work stands head and shoulders above much of the mainstream bland pop music.

And to my growing delight, many seem to have been inspired by the music of Kate Bush. Here’s a selection of some outstanding covers that I’ve been listening to over the last few weeks:

And this delightfully simple version of Babooshka is my latest find:


Your place or mine?



You know me, always just trying to impress Stellar Maze’s muse.



Once I saw the topic’s suggestion i made my own list, as there’s no life without music, obviously.
In no time I came up with more than 20 albums since I was 8.
This Mortal Coil’s it’ll end in tears on the top by instinct. It’s annoying me now!
I need something refreshing. More melodies than words. Some D minor here and there…
I couldn’t read the whole thread.

My favorite album, when I drive at night in places I don’t know well (and I like driving in these places…), is shpongle’s
Museum of Consciousness - I imagine myself as an Indian warrior, watchful gaze and vigilant, in the darkness of the Amazon jungles…


Ohhhhh so psychedelic. I can’t wait to listen to this while driving. Thanks!

I used to listen to This Mortal Coil, Slowdive, etc. etc. etc. and I just can’t anymore. It doesn’t lift me up, even though I like it. Tricky, tricky. I do adore Cocteau Twins, though. Her voice transports me to another goddamn planet. I have an INFJ friend who loves everything 4AD. I think INFJs dig the moody music more than other types.

Hi, by the way. :kissing_heart: