Your soul albums


Ohhhh I’m so happy you’re excited about it!
I wish you safe travels and a pleasant trip!!!


A fabulous Kate Bush dance compilation:


I’m really digging chipmunk covers of popular songs right now.


I always liked the chipmunk Christmas music.


One day, a handsome man shows up, entering my room and says with a heavy accent: hey, I’m Jeff, and I’m going to live here. Yap, I remember it like it was just yesterday. I as six years old. He had so many records and albums, more than 600, each one of them was numbered.
He was from south Africa and my mother’s boyfriend, the only one who I liked. The first word I learned in English was one he used a lot… Yap unfortunately, my children know that word and it’s meaning before I did at their age. What kind of mother am I?!

So, maybe this is my first soul album. I listened to this today and still like it very much.
renaissance -
Turn of the Cards


My current favourite trance-house remix:


Another new discovery is this dark and soulful “minimal techno” set by the fabulous Dennis Smile & Candelitta:


I’m obsessed with Kate Bush at the moment. Ughhhhhhh she’s such a delightful sister witch.



I’m sad and I’m happy, 'though my happiness is superficial which makes me sadder. And I hate it more than anything.
My feelings are getting more and more intense lately.
Who am I to judge anyone?
So I cry while I’m listening to the saddest, most intense composition known to the Western world. I cry for myself.
I stop it in the middle of Lacrimosa. Begins from the start. Getting into the loop.
Who am I to cry for myself? I hate pity. I stop crying for myself when I realized the tragedy of dying when in the process of creativity and it’s beauty.
I am crying again. I’m so sorry, Mozart! Not for you subjectively, but for what you symbolize.


And now, ladies & gents, may I present this cutie Israeli singer, Fresh Eden!!!
You see, when one of my kids is looking for me and finds out I am sad, they come out with something to make me smile. They love me that much.
And it is a nice cover indeed.


Actual song title is Runningupthatdub. I’m not sure where this video came from but I love this remix.

Special nod to @Stewart, blasphemy or brilliance? I think the latter.


This is really good! I love the heavy drums - adds a darker edge to the song and goes well with the clever visuals.


And this particular Kate Bush song has taken on additional meaning for me in the last couple of weeks. I don’t have time to elaborate now as I’m at work, but the idea of swapping places with someone and exchanging experiences with them is the key theme.

I’ve had this empathic ability for as long as I can remember (something to do with having Neptune in Scorpio right on my descendant) but lately I’ve been much more conscious of when and how this happens. In particular, I have been tapping into my 5th Ne function more than ever before, and sometimes when this happens it really feels like I’m seeing things through another’s eyes - most probably my ENTP partner.


Some more top-quality remixes of Kate’s songs:


And as usual, once I start following a trail of songs on Youtube, I discover more fantastic and uplifting dance tracks. Here’s a selection:


Some more fresh new tunes I’ve been enjoying. These are a little more laid-back and trancey. I may do some meditation to these later - we’re off to spend the weekend at our little slice of heaven in McLeod Bay.


And speaking of “little slice of heaven”, here’s a classic piece of Kiwiana. Some consider this song to be New Zealand’s second National Anthem:


There’s so much great music around at the moment, it’s hard to keep up! Here’s some recent EDM tracks that stand out from the herd:


I thought I’d share a few songs I recently downloaded. My taste is everywhere, I never know where it’s going.
I did a google search of “astral plane” not too long ago and this song came up! Then I found another song of hers I liked. I found live versions. The last one is a bit jazzy and old - just how I like 'em.