Your soul albums


I also really like Meg Myers.


Ooh, these are all so soulful! Lovely, I especiaclly enjoyed the guitar work on Two Hearts.


Hi Stewart :blush:
Yeah totally soulful. Feel good stuff.
I hope you’re well :heart:


I enjoyed Meg Myers songs too.

Especially the one about Tennessee. By the usual coincidences, my partner and I were watching a news article about the appalling rise of hate crimes and prejudice in that state.


Do you like Emily King? We’ve had the privilege of hearing her sing live in Auckland for the annual Arts festival on a couple of occasions.

And I’ve found some clips from the actual concert we attended in Auckland earlier this year:


Very lovely. She could sing me to sleep.
I haven’t seen live music in a while. I miss it.


I was gonna share this one too. It’s one of the songs I shared above, only live.
When I first heard this song, I was taken back by the unexpected surprise of her screaming. I like screaming.

Just the total complete surrender to the feeling and madness behind this song unleashed on stage is wonderfully beautiful to me.


The last live act we saw was Tami Neilson - you would have loved her sassy style!


What a voice! Her sound reminds me of Amy Winehouse a bit.

I think the last live music I saw was a symphony :grin: haha. I wanna see some blues in a smokey, blue-lit room, gettin’ buzzed on bourbon. 1 rock, please.


It’s a date! Back in the 80’s, I used to hang out in smoky jazz clubs in the West End of London, listening to blues while sipping strong spirits…


Mmm sounds lovely.
It would consume me.


It’s spring. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



This song reminds me of a story I wrote.


I know the fabulous Christine and the Queens has her own thread on the forum, but I’d just like to add my own appreciation for this exceptionally talented artist (who I was introduced to by my ENTP partner, who justcan’t stop talking about her!).

This is propably her most famous song, but it still seems to get better every time I hear it:

5 Dollars - a deceptively sweet and soulful tune perfectly counterbalanced by the edgy lyrics and video:


Yes, fuck that! I grew up with PJ Harvey’s music.

Seeing this post reminded me of something that happened to me this autumn.

There is this song by PJ called Who Will Love Me Now? I used to listed to it a lot in my teenage years.

So I was coming back home from a party sometime this autumn. Early morning. Me sitting in a trolleybus and listening to this song again. But now with all that ENFJ and the Dream Lover knowledge in my head. And that knowledge amplified the song and the lyrics so much it brought me to tears. Nobody saw my catharsis as I was the only passenger. And this fact amplified it even more.

Yeah, she is something.


Every man is evil yes an’ every man’s a liar
Unashamed with the wicked tongues sing in the black soul choir


Ni in da id!




Yeah, freaky but also clever and surprisingly catchy!