Your soul albums

Excuse me: Caro Emerald what?? Jazzy vocals what??

Why has this seriously talented artist never entered into any conversation relating to my life before??

Ok, so the next two songs on this album are below. But the whole fucking album is great. Hands down closest thing to soul album for me.

Heh heh.

Chic live in concert with the incomparable Niles Rodgers. Doesn’t get much more soulful than that…

Haven’t heard this in lifetime but couldn’t get it out of my head this morning. So, I’ll put it here.

Hands down my favorite musician I’ve seen live.

Oh, and


Though I’ve listened to this song about a hundred times, I only paid attention to the lyrics for the first time this morning at the gym… and it made me think a little of you @Ignas, you werewolf you. :smirk:

Ahoo :innocent:

I believe it. But I don’t. :smirk::wink:

Happy Lunar New Year Fuckers!