Your soul albums


Thank you! I’m having an absolute blast here! And don’t worry, I definitely won’t forget to have more fun with the whatnot.


Thinking about it again, you’re absolutely right. I suppose what had clouded my mind were the various examples of people I know who wanted to live an ascetic lifestyle, who were all Si-users, but this was in the context of comfort. So they were trying to minimize all material pleasures, but only given that they could continue their life of routine and comfort in a modern living accommodation.

There’s also not enough things to fuck in a forest to keep plain ol’ Se satisfied, unless you’re into warthogs and shit.

Good thinking!

Can’t say that I’m not fascinated and even somewhat jealous. Dammit, I’m in the grip of my id again!

Haha, get your fucking Sexy Sax Man on!

That’s actually my biggest concern. I’m afraid of the hard and unforgiving sand banks. A former surfer actually visited my high school a few years back, who told us how he became a paraplegic after an unfortunate surfing accident, where he wiped out and ended up breaking his spine after hitting a sand bank. Not sure if satisfying my id is worth living the rest of my life paralyzed.

The poopier the better! Infiltrate my nostrils with that shitty goodness. Mmm, yes…


I said hello to the Old Country, but now he’s somewhat upset that I called him old. :confused:

Great to hear! This country needs more INFJs. Actually, every country needs more INFJs. Am I a narcissist yet?

Also please correct me if I’m mistaken, but what I’ve really noticed right off the bat is that England is very, very Ti-heavy. Even the ISTJs here have extremely active Ti-id. After watching several scenes of the University Challenge, I’m amazed at how much INTP-type fun-fact tidbit Ti everyone has. It’s quite humbling to behold, but also possibly unhealthy for me to harbor such feelings of wanting to develop my tertiary.

I love how every INFJ lights up at the slightest mention of Se. It’s quite endearing, really. Either that, or extremely unhealthy :wink:

You crack me up!

I’ve always wondered if playing an instrument is a purely Se thing, or if it’s an Fe expression thing that just so happens to involve Se in the process. I suppose the only instruments I’ve ever considered to be purely Se were the sexy Robert Plant types, like electric guitar or drums. Guess that’s why I ultimately decided to pick up the electric guitar in high school :stuck_out_tongue:

I reasoned that if many people with Si or dominant Ne can become accomplished musicians, why can’t I? I didn’t want the knowledge of my inferior function to be an inherent limiter of what I could and couldn’t do. Otherwise, I’d just be prematurely shooting myself in the foot. And, if so many people with Si can will themselves to imitate Se due to the pressures of gender norms, why can’t I, an individual who possesses this very function, strive to embody Se as well?

I also have a burning desire to learn how to drive stick-shift. I’ve driven cars with the modern paddle shifters, or as Jeremy Clarkson would endearingly say, “a flappy-paddle system,” but I know it’s not the same as actually having to disengage the clutch and manually select your desired gear. Driving a nice Porsche or TVR with a manual gearbox would be an absolute dream. But ugh, material pleasures require a well-paying job…Mom, I’m in the grip of my inferior again!

Haha, that’s awesome! There’s still time, isn’t there? At the very least you can still DJ for your friends at gatherings and impress them with your impeccable dance remixes.

That would be the life! So you’re into electronic dance music? What do you think of these? (Not sure if they qualify as EDM, though):

Emoji game strong :clap:


I was so tempted to follow! :pensive:

That’s scary!

Watching the Olympics last year was another thing that made me feel rather jealous… but then I watched a gymnast snap his leg and I was like no way in hell do I ever want to go through something like that!


Have you seen 127 hours. It is about an outdoors type that had to cut his arm off. He describes it as the best moment of his ordeal. Gruesome. But that perspective where that’s the best moment is awe inspiring the way the word awesome used to mean.


Damn… I need to watch this movie!

That’s an interesting thought though… the choice between handicapped freedom and wholesome death… I really don’t know which one I’d pick :thinking:



Ugh, dreadful!


Good boy.



I am enjoying the posts that are just pics. Like, xijack’s anteater…like that was all I needed that day. It’s not often that you see things from the low perspective of a freely running anteater.


I am sexually attracted to you. Wanna meet out back for a rendezvous? (Freaking French…I want to say “Ren-Dez-Vuss”.)




I’ll get you and your little dog! And your little hot dog.


You mean this?


Stop making me laugh. Let me just give you my email so I can break your heart, and we can call it a day, okay?


But gurl, there are a few things you have to know about me.


I’m also going to be in the UK for at least 5 months, 8 if I can secure a summer opportunity. Also pretty sure that I’m around a decade younger than you. If I’m not mistaken I thought you liked older men!

And lastly:



But, but. Now you broke MY heart. And you’re gay??? That should have been your first reason. Maybe I could turn you…hmmmm…

But, but…You talked about being a wee lad. But, but…you like Ludwiggy. But, but…you’re so smart. But, but…you like classical and heavy metal…

So many buts and not enough time. I shall miss you, Kevin. Farewell. 'Tis better to lusted after a dead man’s face and lost than not at all.


Aw, Erika, I’m so sorry you had to find out this way. I assure you my sexuality has nothing to do with who I am as a person, what I like, or any of my presumed lifestyle choices. It purely and simply is and always has been a part of me. It’s nothing I can change. I notice it, accept it, and work with what I need to work with. And things haven’t been bad at all.

Yes, I was a little boy once!

Yes, all of those things are completely and genuinely me!

If it’s any consolation, I’m glad to have made a friend in you, Erika, especially one as poetic as you are!


Please don’t misunderstand my disappointment as disappointment in you as a person. You are a wonderful person! I just daydreamed of us sexually. And now, I can’t do that…Who am I kiddin’?! I still will. Cause I’m a sexual freak. And isn’t it just a woman’s luck? Find someone who is into the same shit, and find out that someone is gay! Ugh!

Awww. Thank you! I am super glad to have made a friend in you, too! You are a smart cookie and going to do great things in your lifetime! And no worries, I’ll still bust your ballz here. :kissing_heart:


So, anyone like music?