Your soul albums


have you decided you are enfj definitively now lol cuz i’m gonna change you to that due to this horrible mess of a thread


Sigh. *sulking in corner *
Yes, @Prax. Make me forever an ENFJ. It is my destiny.


Prax, I vote enfj:) Erika, you have enfj appetite! :slight_smile:


Thanks Erika, that really means a lot to me!

Oh goody, I can’t wait to have my ballz busted again! :cherries:


Seconding ENFJ for Erika. LOL.

Yes, Stuart, music. :notes: I like Japanese shoegaze.


Hey @Kevin.K, when you get settled into your new music position, I would still love to see your playlists. What genre will you be presenting?


Blah… :stuck_out_tongue:

Psychedelically enlightening. The title scares me a little. tehe


Hey, thanks - these are all great!

Of the three, I already know the Modjo tune - I see this as ideal for a laid-back beach-party.

Although I haven’t heard “Kascade” before - I know of Deadmau5 as they’ve been churning out excellent dancefloor anthems for many years. I love this tune - perfect for the middle of a set, with a happy, infectious vibe that would suit a mixed crowd of girls and boys of all ages.

“Genesis” is the heaviest of the three - best for a small group of hardcore EDM enthusiasts, maybe in a small upstairs club room with comfy lounge seats, dark lighting and a small dancefloor.

You definitely know your tunes - when I have some spare time, I’ll put together some of my own recommendations for you to enjoy. :sagittarius:


Here’s random selection of EDM tracks I had already collected:


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AURORA's type: Type 3 ENFJ?

I think I’d mostly be presenting much of the same, so progressive rock/metal with a bit of classical mixed in. It’d depend on my mood on any particular day :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I’m not sure I’d be jumping into the local radio station just yet, because I have an obscene amount of work that I need to acclimate to. But I’ll definitely let you know if I do end up having my own radio show here!


Or for a large crowd of drunk college students :smiling_imp:

Glad you like 'em! And thank you; I’ll be looking out for that playlist. In the meantime I’ll be listening to the random selection of EDM tracks you compiled.


Sweet, man. Thank youuuuuz!


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Without words…

I wonder what y’allz thoughts are on listening to music. Where do you listen to it? Do you seek it, or does it seek you? Or do you just turn on the radio and go for the ride? Do you like to be doing something while you listen to music or would you rather listen and stare at the spec of something on the wall you shoulda wiped off years ago? Do you listen to it in the morning or at night? Do you like to listen to it while eating green eggs and ham?



I want music on when I am in the car, loud and when I am doing chores [dancing, shhhh!]
I need it for hours when I am way over stimulated and have to come down from the edge.
I listen to it when I write, on headphones so the kids and TV and video games are drowned out and I can focus.
I would listen all night, but my husband can’t deal with that, so it is rare, but I like dreaming music, can’t remember if I said that before…


I will not shhh and I will not look away. Give it to me! :clap:

It seems like music is used as an escape for a lot of people. Do you feel that?

Like notes and stuff? Composing your own shit? Or songs you have heard before on repeat in that noggin?


Yes, very much an escape. Putting words to feelings I can’t work out alone, or maybe just allowing me to feel with less thinking.
By dreaming music I mean when I listen to music when I am sleeping, it incorporates itself into my dreams, so I have these song story dreams. The first time I remember this was when I was napping as a little kid and kept half waking to the music and being in both the dream world and waking world. Some of the best dreams that way.
As for the dancing? If only.


I dream music too, but I don’t have to be listening to anything before I fall asleep.

My dreams are usually like an immersive cinematic virtual reality experience, with me as the protagonist; complete with a full-orchestra thematic soundtrack. The landscapes and characters are brightly coloured, vivid and incredibly detailed, and so I often wake up with whatever music was playing still in my head.

I believe this is one aspect of my inferior Se function; all of the detailed sensory info that my dominant Ni habitually ignores goes straight into my subconscious world, to be played out in my dreams once I am asleep. It’s also a rich storehouse of perceptions from which Ni derives many of its seemingly magical intuitions.

At least, that’s one explanation. Another is that so-called “reality” is the dream, and the dream-scape is the True World…:upside_down:


A full orchestra thematic soundtrack! Man, that is so awesome!
My dreams are the same, incredibly detailed and movie like but without the orchestra. Jelly, really.