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If this is the case…oh boy… The world is flooding and I have to save everyone from a tornado. Don’t freak out, usually my constant nagging and ability to breathe underwater saves the day.


I’ve had apocalyptic dreams like that for as long as I can remember, frequently involving floods or tornadoes, but sometimes earthquakes or firestorms or more mundane disasters such as plane crashes. Occasionally they have turned out to be prophetic: in November 2001, I dreamed of a plane crashing in flames onto New York City. I woke up thinking it must have been a reaction to 9/11; but when I went downstairs, my partner was watching a news story on breakfast TV about American Airlines Flight 587 that had crashed onto Queens and exploded into flames killing all on board and five people on the ground. And the TV images were identical to those from my dream! I still get shivers when I think about it…

The last time it happened was November last year: on Sunday morning, I dreamed of a catastrophe hitting a city in New Zealand, where I now live. The imagery was less literal in this case: in the dream, meteors were descending from the sky and destroying buildings. When they landed, the ground shook and rumbled as if an earthquake had struck.

Just as we were going to bed that night, around midnight, the news came in of the huge earthquake that had hit the South Island. The shock wave was so powerful, it travelled up the fault line to the capital city, Wellington and caused a lot of structural damage to buildings and infrastructure. By some miracle, there were only a few deaths, but it was a close-run thing. One of our closest friends has an apartment on the 11th floor of a tall building in Wellington CBD. The shaking was so bad she thought her building was about to collapse. Because the building was recently constructed, it had been engineered to withstand a strong earthquake and therefore survived the 'quake. The same could not be said for a lot of her possessions; the contents of her fridge, freezer and fixed cupboards were violently ejected onto the ground, the toughened glass shower walls shattered into a million pieces, most free-standing furniture was overturned and her washing machine and dryer flew across a hallway and smashed into the opposite wall!

I’ve told my partner that if I ever get one of these premonitions as we’re about to board a plane, then under no circumstances are we to take the flight!


OMG!!! Yes, you better listen to those visions. Depending on how often you dream, this could make for some pretty shaky days.

Yes, I always have dreams that I’m trying to save people from tornadoes or floods. Mostly floods. It always floods in my dreams. Do you ever get stabbed or partially eaten by something in your dream and you wake up to have that same spot on your body tingly?


“Do you like to listen to it while eating green eggs and ham?”

Radio/Shazam combo is great, then you can look it up on youtube,
and let it play until it starts playing related stuff.

Sometimes you hear a song that describes you

Or another is when one does not care about the words but just likes a nice sounding song


Bittersweet. Definitely bittersweet.

This one sounds like Tarantino would like to use this in one of his movies.

Thanks for sharing these, @xijack. :rabbit2:


Here’s a little musical trail I followed after rediscovering the brilliance of Gorillaz:


Not to mention their opera on that fabulous Chinese story I remember as a child watching the TV show Monkey

There were a couple of videos of them performing two songs on the Jools Holland show, but they seem to have been taken down. Series 33 episode 8


When that movie comes out I want to see it
And thank you for the rabbit.


Let’s go see it together. :ticket::clapper:

You’re welcome! :sunflower:


@Stuart, please accept this gift as an apology for destroying a large portion of your thread. :bouquet:



I love Alexi Murdoch and had never seen that performance. Thank you.

I often feel like Father John Misty is the male 70s-rocker version of me. Sometimes he makes me feel annoyed, like so fucking pretentious and intense! But of course nothing annoys you like traits you recognize from your own being.

I like this song because it’s by FJM and his feelings and it’s a cover of an Arcade Fire song, and it’s about suburbs… you know, just all of the things. The falsetto of “Sometimes I can’t believe it”, oh man. Cascades of good-hurt brain chemicals, right in the aesthetic zone.


I had never heard of him. His voice is beautiful. I tend to prefer it lower, except I love the BeeGees, so go figure. Song kind of reminded me of Big Yellow Taxi, that kind of feeling.


I plan to go through this thread and check out the videos at some point! Do a binge of sorts.


So, I went to a club yesterday.

It wasn’t that lit, but I still danced.

Se was so fun. I realized I wasn’t really dancing with any intentions in mind. There were lots of Se type there. Dancing to be sexy, or to have fun.

Dancing was very mindless to me. I felt thrown back into my middle school days. All the times I had spent money to go to a party, only to feel too shy to dance. I had this suspicion that I would be made fun of.

The same feeling was there at the club. But then I saw so many people there with alcohol. Then I was like, “I want to impress them?”. No, I don’t. I don’t want to to make anyone feel anything, I just want to dance. I want to become one of the many in the dancing crowd.

It took a bit of nerve, but then I joined.

Mind off. Body on.

Mind occassionally notches in. “Hey, don’t do that dance move. You’ll look weird and then be made fun of. You don’t want anyone to dislike you, right? Blend in.”. Body goes, “But it feels right. In fact, it is right. Watch me kill this move.” My body won while dancing, but my mind wouldn’t let me wear it on my face. So, pretty much was just a happily dancing person with a stoic and sometimes murderous expression. Ah. I never knew dancing just killed your mind though. Like, you just pay attention to your body’s promptings. No thinking, just doing. Aye, that’s cool.

I say all of this to say that Se minimum needs some good ass music to work. I knew it was time to leave when the DJ had the songs that had no words in it. I think he saw me in the crowd and spared me when he played Low by Flo Rida ft T-Pain. Ah, I forgot I could hop on my tippie toes.

But what I really would’ve loved to hear were the songs on my phone. Oh yes, those songs that make me get up and dance (or get down :wink:). Those songs that make the mind go off and the body take center stage.

So, I present to you, Se min songs.

Hands Free Keke Palmer
Enemiez Keke palmer
Die Tomorrow RuPaul
Salt Shaker Ying Yang Twins
Shawty is a Ten The Dream ft. Fabolous
Knuck If You Buck Crime Mob
Rock Yo Hips Crime Mob
Pop, Lock, and Drop It Huey
Walk It Out Unk
Back That Ass Up Juvenile
Thong Song Sisqo
Hot In Herre Nelly
This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan
Push It Salt-N-Peppa
U Can’t Touch This MC Hammer
Rapper’s Delight The Sugar Hill Gang
The Breaks Kurtis Blow
Looking For The Perfect Beat Afrika Bambaataa and SSF
American Girl Bonnie McKee
The Other Side Jason Derulo
Otis Redding Jay Z ft Kanye West
The Devil Is A Lie Rick Ross ft. Jay Z
Black Beatles Rae Stremmurd ft. Gucci Mane
Move Migos
No Problem Chance The Rapper ft. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne
Caroline Amine’
Selfish PnB Rock
24K Magic Bruno Mars
Birthday Sex Jeremiah


yey good for you!!


Haha yeah! Mind off body on :smiling_imp:.


Any album by Joanna Newsom, probably Ys specifically


@Kevin.K!!! I saw/heard The Rite of Spring last night!!! AMAZING!! So incredibly amazing.

The CSO also played Debussy’s Prelude to The Afternoon of a Faun and J. Adam’s Scheherazade.2. Scheherazade was a bit stressful, but so captivating. Dubussy’s piece was very lovely. Very. And The Rite of Spring. OMG!

I’ve never seen classical music played live, so it was such a beautiful treat. Just thought you’d like to know!

Oh, also, I brought my pitchfork just in case, but no rioting ensued.



Haha I’m glad you finally got to hear it! So great that you also got to hear Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun; I just adore that work and how wispy and ethereal it sounds. I imagine a lazy, mystical French afternoon just lying on the grass with chimeric figures dancing about (actually I realized that I could be describing quite a grotesque scene, depending on how “chimeric figures” is construed; whatever, give me a break!). Anyways, the cherry on top is that the pieces were performed by one of the world’s great orchestras. Good choice! Here’s to more inspirational classical concerts in the future! :clinking_glasses:

I’m not familiar with Adams’s Scheherazade 2. Must be a relatively modern piece. I’ll have to check that out!

If you want to hear the Scheherazade that started it all, I’d recommend Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherezade. Adventures at sea on Sinbad’s ship await! Super fun piece to play, and beautiful violin solo.