Zac Efron ISFP?

As if there isn’t already a bunch of great discussions going on at the mo. But just seen a couple of episodes of the new Netflix series Zac Efron: Down to Earth.

Not on purpose, didn’t realise it was Zac at first which is what I think surprised me and compelled me watch a bit more - to see how he behaved not in a direct acting role.

He seems a lot quieter, subdued than I imagined he’d be - judging purely on his choice of movie roles as I don’t watch pop culture tv shows or interviews of celebrities until I get to this point and want to figure out what type they are!

So ISFP seems a reasonable first guess, element of ENFJ those two types seem to often coincide for me. But ISFP seems a more solid guess. Se-Ni axis for sure.

Plus reading a bit on wiki, seems he got into a bit of trouble n stuff.

That seems to be the 'net consensus after a quick check too.

ESTP? I suppose could be another.


If we’re going by Blake’s continuum, in regard to his list, I’d say a definite ISFP :+1: I remember randomly seeing some interview of him where he expressed that he had once talked to his hero, Michael Jackson, on the phone.

Is this something that people of same type do generally? Do they see other people of that type as heroes? Or look up to them? Or identify with them?

But yes, after watching interviews of the other ISFPs on the list, I’d say Zac throws out very similar vibes to them – you know, if we’re going by vibes :thinking:

Especially similar to Bruce Springsteen

I refuse to believe you are talking about Zac Efron after anything other than a binge watch of High School Musical song clips… CONFESS!

I kid, but I understand the ISFP-ENFJ thing, I would guess ISFP more based on movies he was in with Seth Rogan. The kind of character he played there seems more… ISFP specific I think.

ESTP is nice too! But with ISFP thrown in the mix too, that’s where I would cast my vote based on what I recall about him over the years.

And even with the whole 17 Again movie, ISFP character again? I at least see the Se-Ni axis as well, but can’t go too much into seeing his type at the moment. ISFP would be my passing guess as well.

Ha, this thread also shows itself when I was considering binge watching song clips of the HSM series. Only the ones I like though, because I’m not that big of a fan :wink:. Just enough for wafts of nostalgia and whimsy, then I’m out :dove:!

Omg yes I did see that - Graham Norton - so I lied, I have watched him in interview :laughing:! But yes that’s something that came up for what’s her name, Christine & the queens.

I think I’m drawn too to those that (who?) embody Se (as my inferior) that’s like magic to me.

And Se-Ni eyes. :roll_eyes:

:laughing: they’re the only films of his I haven’t seen!! Twas all a bit Disney for me at the time. Only paid attention to him in 17 Again. I love a switch em up movie! And yes his pretty eyes and the fantasy of being hot stuff to a teen- er, a younger man.

Forbidden no-we-mustn’t romance is a bit of a catnip call for me.

Good enough for me. :+1:

Ah, will look at him a bit more. Do like his toons.

Ahhh, was she determined to be a possible ISFP as well? Did she bring up Michael Jackson as a hero?

Yes and yes! There’s a whole thread about it. Might have been a reference to Madonna too.

Do you have such admirations? (I have to catch up on your type chat)

Mostly amazing artists in general! Writers, painters, musicians… Picasso, Basquiat, Hemingway, Bukowski, Dostoevsky, Kafka, Dylan, Cobain, Burroughs, Kerouac, Thompson, Rimbaud… Countless others… A plethora of restless, talented, and tortured souls.

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Right this wrong! LOL, I love musicals. Kinda, if they’re good. HSM was pretty good to me, but I was the demographic for all the movies in this series, so I could be biased :slightly_smiling_face:.

…Do tell :smirk:.

I myself can’t resist a corny rom-com. I’ll shit talk it the whole way through and will emote like a rock during the flirting, sex scene, and funny scenes. But hey, when they kiss at the end? I might smile a little. Or at the least, grin during the credits :partying_face:.

Cool! Thanks for this thread too, Zac Efron just makes me smile. Good memories!

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